Women’s bridal lingerie

Surprisingly, bridal lingerie tends to be one of the last items on the list of considerations for many brides before the big day. However, it is one of the factors that has such an enormous impact on the wedding day itself, it deserves to be given top priority on the bridal to-do list.

Now that I’ve got you thinking about your luxury and designer bridal lingerie, you will quickly discover there’s far more decisions to be made than simply choosing from ivory or white. Let’s take a look at some top picks for the 2014 / 2015 bride:


In terms of style we feel that lace, romantic and tradition are going to be the strong tones for wedding lingerie in 2014, nothing too over the top, but more subtle and suggestive rather than big and bold. Of course, at the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference and tastes, after all it’s your wedding!

Whatever you choose make sure you work from as recent measurements as possible, all of our sales staff have been on fitting courses and are fully qualified to help with sizing and have a great product knowledge of all of our bridal lingerie ranges.


There’s a host of bridal bustiers out there, for brides who are looking more for support ‘up top’ than for their waistline. Usually shorter than a corset, A bustier also has elements of boning in the design, however their waist holding effects will not be nearly as good as a corset.

Great options for backless dresses or dresses with a low back, wedding bustiers also make a perfect choice for your wedding day lingerie as they easily double-up as your sexy lingerie for the wedding night . Also, they tend to have a nice romantic tone to them.


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Everyone is looking for more for their money this year. With this in mind it’s useful to consider other outfits and events where you can wear your wedding lingerie again. Feel like your big day’s underwear is for your marriage, not just your for wedding day.

Amazing Wedding Colour Trends For 2014

The perfect wedding lingerie colours, complimenting bride and dress, give comfort and confidence throughout the day and should make you feel and look nothing short of spectacular. As a bride to be you should be asking yourself – what are the key bridal colour trends of 2014, before finding the ideal lingerie outfit for you:

You should be aware of 2014 wedding color trends. This will help you in planning your wedding and creating a look that will be memorable.

  • Navy blue – It seems that the color blue, especial navy blue and royal blue are the hottest wedding colors in the year 2014 and the following are the combination ideas for the color navy blue.
  • Neutral – This trend gained popularity within the past two bridal seasons with brides pairing soft colors with neutral brown; now we are now seeing more adventurous color schemes for 2014 weddings.
  • Coral – Whether you’re looking to add a splash of color to your ceremony or liven up your tables cape, coral is the perfect hue that is so captivating and versatile.