Why Single Parents Should Try Internet Dating


These days there are many single parents looking for a new relationship. Just as well then, that internet dating makes it really easy for single mums and dads to find one another. In the past, if a single parent was looking to meet someone, they’d have to go out and find a baby-sitter. The internet makes the process so much simpler to manage.

Here are some of the many reasons why single parents should use internet dating and chat line.

1. You will be on the same wave-length with regards to lifestyle. Perhaps you aren’t looking to have any more children in the future – you’ve done that already. You may find that another single parent has the same idea. There are lots of people online looking for a relationship that will lead to marriage and family, but you can easily avoid these by using the filters that exist on respectable sites such as Global Personals, or by making it clear in your profile that you don’t want any more children. Getting this out all up front is a real stress-reliever!

2. You’ll have something to talk about! All parents talk about their children, it’s just not possible to avoid the subject. If you are dating another single parent you won’t bore them with child-related stories, you’ll be able to understand their stories of mortification, and may even have funny stories of your own. A tale about how your child swore loudly in the supermarket or how they announced that they had a big bogey in a quiet doctor’s surgery, is a great ice-breaker for when you first exchange messages with a single parent.

3. It’s convenient to date online when your children are asleep upstairs. It’s not possible to go to the pub, speed date, or have dinner dates all the time when you are a parent. Babysitters are expensive, and you’ll resent spending the extra money or using up that favour if your date is a no-go bore. Online with Global Personals, you’ll be able to weed out the good from the bad without leaving the sofa.

4. It’s not intimidating. If you have been out of the dating game whilst raising your children, then you can ease back into it without the dread of going out and dressing up.

5. You can arrange dates around nursery or school pick-up times. A quick mid-afternoon coffee before school kicking out time is a great way to meet up without it becoming a big complication.

If you are a single parent looking to move on, then try Global Personals or Adultfrienedfinder. If you don’t like your potential date, you can simply avoid them by deleting their messages! It’s much easier than having to climb out of a restaurant window and explain to the baby-sitter why your tights are laddered and your shoe is missing! It’s stress-free, easy, and makes the dating game so much more fun. Those baby-sitters will have to wait.