Why It’s Important to Hire the Right Wedding Photographer

One thing that tends to be overlooked in the busy beginnings of planning a wedding is the photographer. While you may be able to find one to work for you last minute, often times the fees may be higher for a last minute booking and you may not have time to do the research required when it comes to picking the right photographer for your wedding.


Having a photographer at your wedding isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity and it’s just as important as the rings and the dress. It can also be just as hard to choose a photographer as it is the aforementioned items.

Don’t forget to take a good long look at their portfolios. You don’t want to have your photos not taken well or over-edited in post processing. Many photographers, if they haven’t gone to school to hone their craft (and they don’t need to in order to produce brilliant results), have trained with other photographers or have years of experience. A wedding is not the ideal time to hire an amateur photographer just to save some money.


Another important detail is what kind of wedding you are having; if it is not a traditional wedding, you’ll need a photographer who has experience with different aspects of cultural weddings. Photographer Ron Espina is a perfect example of what you should look for in a portfolio if your wedding may not be considered “traditional”. His portfolio includes a good look at his work with Ethiopian, Indian and Eritrean weddings, all with stunning detail that really shows that he is familiar with different types of ceremonies.

Most important of all, if you are booking a photographer and they have a contract (most professionals do) make sure you read it thoroughly and ask any questions in case you don’t understand. Signing the contract and paying a deposit will reserve your photographer for your date: don’t be stuck looking for one last minute.

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