Why are folding chairs so popular in the wedding?

There are many reasons for choosing a folding chair. We have selected ten articles listed below for your reference.

1、Foldable is convenient for storage, transportation, and transportation. During storage and transportation, the folded chair occupies less volume. The chair can be placed in the seat cover to prevent friction with each other. It can be transported with a special folding chair cart.

2、Small size can save freight. Since the folded chair is smaller, it can save a lot of land freight and can save a lot of sea freight during the container import process.

3、Good maintenance and simple maintenance. In particular, resin chairs and plastic chairs can be wiped with a damp rag. Daily maintenance and care do not require additional costs, and the seat plates of many folding chairs can be removed and replaced.

4、Heavyweight and strong. Considering the safety of the seats, people choose folding chairs that pass the quality test. They are sturdy and load-bearing, which ensures the safety of the people while ensuring comfort.

5、The purchase price is relatively competitive. The relevant survey results show that most of the folding chairs are better than other event chairs.

6、Fast production cycle. The production process of folding chairs is relatively simple, the production cycle is relatively short, wooden folding chairs can generally produce 20,000pcs around, and resin folding chairs can produce more than 3000 pcs a week.

7、Widely used places. Folding chairs are widely used in various weddings, hotels, restaurants, Indoor and outdoor occasions.

8、Long service life. Wooden folding chairs can generally be used for more than 2 years, while resin folding chairs can be used for more than five years.

9、Multi-selectivity, you can choose wood or resin, you can choose the chair of the appropriate material according to the different styles and colors of the events.

10、 It can be used with various types of tables, conventional folding tables, classical farm tables, folding outdoor tables, and bamboo folding tables.

When you decide to choose a wedding chair or banquet chair, please choose according to the venue and individual types of arrangements, all kinds of folding chairs in bulk will certainly be one of the most suitable options for you to consider.

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