What Attracts Women – 7 Things You Must Know

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English: A young woman and man embracing while outdoors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What attracts women has been a question men have asked themselves for years. It’s like no man understands what truly goes on inside the head of a woman. Whatever your relationship goal is in your life, you need to understand what attracts women. These bellow tips and relationship advice are a sure way to get you on the right path of learning and understanding what a woman truly wants in a man.


Althoughmost would not want to admit, this is probably one of the number one things that attract women. Everyone has different views on what they find attractive and appealing in others. Sometimes it’s hair, skin or even the shape of their face. Most women want a man that represents himself as a man through attire, personality and looks, so even though most would not want to admit that physical looks is what attracts women the most, it is often the leading cause for many relationships to start.


Some women are attracted to men who are spiritual. Sometimes it does not matter who, what or how you believe but as long as you do, this may be the key to attracting women. Always be sincere in what you believe and never fake it for someone else. This will only cause more problems in the end. Just be open about your beliefs and never force them upon anyone else as most women will find this type of behavior controlling and a bit childish.


Surprisingly, being emotional can help attract women. No one is talking about a man who cries over spilled milk but real, genuine tears. Be sensitive to who she is and what her feelings are like. Men seem to be experts at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time; however, thinking before you speak could be very helpful. No one is asking you to fake your tears but feeling a little empathetic every once in a while is not too much to ask and definitely help you in the long run.


The attitude of a person is extremely important. A man does not want to be with a woman who has a bad attitude and women are attracted to men who have a good attitude and who are sincere about it. It does not take much to change your outlook on life, but it’s extremely important. Take out the negativity and you have a great chance of discovering what truly attracts women.

Personality & character

They say that a person’s character is what they do when no one is looking. If you want to learn the secrets of attracting women the right way, then you need to pay attention to your personality and character. Women are attracted to men who have a great personality and an astonishing character. Who are you when no one is looking? No one likes to admit that they might need to change a little bit, but if it comes down to it, then consider it with an open mind and heart.


What attracts women are men who have goals and the passion to accomplish those goals. Ambition goes a long way and can truly show a person’s overall character and view of life. A woman wants a man who doesn’t have to be told to do greater and better things with his life. She wants to be able to tell friends and family of the successful man she managed to snag.

A sense of security

For many years, it has been determined that the role of a man is to provide comfort and security to a woman. In general, women always find themselves feeling secured when they have a man around, so in order to attract women, begin showing off your security traits through small gestures, like offering to pet sit. Something as small as that will show women that you are caring and can provide a sense of security.

Women are attracted to men for a variety of reasons and it really depends on the woman. The important thing to remember is taking the time to better yourself as this will lead to a stronger confidence in yourself, a better attitude and a friendlier personality and will ultimately make you a person who women would love to be around.

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