Weddings Well Styled

by Sweety Wedding of Styled NZ

Why hello there!

So here is: the brand spanking new series that we are running for you, yes you, you lucky wee things! It’s all about styling, how to make that all important theme work for your wedding, your way. The days of the cookie cutter wedding are in the past. These days it’s all about weddings that reflect you, your story, your background, your tastes. Putting your stamp on it gives your guests a chance to be part of something you helped create, something personal, meaningful and special. In this series we will showcase various different wedding styles and themes, giving you some tips and
tricks along the way on how to bring them to life and thread a bit of ‘you’ into your big day!



Having a theme or style helps to create a different and unique experience for your guests, it allows you to really put your stamp on your big day. It will help to make your wedding different from the rest. A theme is like a little mini brief, it gives you direction and assists in those big decisions and makes them a lot easier. It allows you to easily sew everything together, enabling you to tell the whole story, seamlessly and consistently.


To decide on a theme, you need to have a chat with your fiancé. What really makes your heart skip a beat? Are you creative and bold, do you prefer something romantic and whimsical, did you want to play it safe but just be a wee bit unique?


Once you have decided on the style, you can start working through a bit of a moodboard, a collection of things you like; from lighting, to tablescapes, outdoor and indoor styling, flowers and the colour palette. Give youself plenty of time, it’s the type of thing you want to put down and pick up a week later, and then start culling. You can’t do everything, so pick the bits that you really like and stick to them. Once it’s all down on paper, you will have a visual brief for what your wedding will look and feel like and you can then start pulling it together.