Wedding Trends and Statistics

usmap-150x150Wedding trends change from year to year and statistics show that 2015 is likely to be the year that more states legalize same sex marriages. At the beginning of 2015 the state of Florida passed this law and that now means 70% of all Americans live in a state that allows same sex marriages, which is a statistic some never thought would be real.

And this growing trend isn’t stopping there. Other states that are currently looking into legalizing these marriages are:

– Louisiana

– Michigan

– Kentucky

– Ohio

– Tennessee

There is already discussion of the law also being proposed in Missouri and Arkansas, but being appealed by state officials. Experts in the law have predicted that by June of 2015 marriage equality will be found in all 50 states.

The Knot Wedding Network conducted a survey that determined the average cost of a U.S. couple’s wedding is $27,882. Note that this amount encompasses only the wedding itself; the honeymoon is not included. It also found that most couples spend the majority of their budget for their wedding booking the venue for their reception, with a band and a photographer being the second biggest expense. Tradition stands in the case of most weddings, as it was found that the parents of the bride, as well as couples themselves are splitting the cost of a wedding.

8% to 10% of couples are choosing to have a destination wedding according to the latest wedding statistics, which is defined as any wedding that is scheduled to take place a minimum of 200 miles from the area the bride and groom call home. This translates to one couple out of every 10 making the trek 200 miles or more for their wedding. Of all the destination weddings of U.S. based couples, 25% of them are held in countries outside of the U.S.

When it comes to holding a wedding statistics have revealed that 57% of couples have their wedding and their reception in the same location. The majority of couples have an average of 101 to 150 guests at their wedding while 19% have between 151 and 200 guests and only 14% have between 201and 300 guests at their wedding. Of all couples who have their wedding and reception in the same location, the majority of them spend $59 per guest and of those who have their wedding and their reception in different locations the average cost per guest is $62.

As weddings have become increasingly expensive 83% of couples have chosen a do-it-yourself wedding. When it comes to which tasks couples do themselves, 59% of them print out their own wedding invitations and thank you cards, 22% make their own wedding cake and appetizers, 56% make their own dishes for the reception and 53% of them make their wedding decorations.

In 69% of weddings there is a full bar on tap during the reception, while 19% only offer beer and wine and the remaining 12% don’t serve alcohol. These numbers are lower than one would expect given the tradition of serving alcohol at a wedding.

Though these numbers are constantly changing, this is a good snapshot of the statistics regarding weddings in the United States. The statistics should help you know what to consider while planning your wedding so you don’t overlook anything during the planning phases.