Wedding Photography

Well, got your big day coming in a couple of weeks and you are wondering whether there are any decent photographers in your vicinity. If you line in and around Essex then the answer is a big ‘YES’. Pauls Studio is one of the finest wedding photographers in the whole of UK. Thus, if you are in a lookout for a wedding photographer Essex then Pauls studio is your ally.

Wedding if not the most important then is surely one of the most important day of your life and we spend a good deal of time as well as money being ready for the job. However, we do not pay much attention to the wedding photographer and for the rest of our lives crib, that if only we would have got a better wedding photographer. Remember, that it is one of those event on which you can look back upon only through photos and you need good wedding photohrapher like Island Art and Taste Private House


The best wedding photographer in Essex i.e. Pauls studio is one of the most coveted in the whole of UK. By having a mere look at some of the credentials and photographs of the studio’s work makes for a jaw dropping sight. The photos are taken in a very clinical manner and the poses and the effects are nothing less than spectacular. Most of the couples would die for such photographs. The best thing about this studio is that the Paul understands all the angles involved. For the past couple of years, Paul has been declared the wedding photographer of the year by Master Photographers Association of London & Essex group.