Wedding Makeup Secrets

On one of the most special days of your life, looking your best is essential. Part of looking your best on your wedding day may involve enlisting the help of a makeup artist like Tamika Makeup and Beauty. As you read this article, you’ll learn a few wedding makeup secrets that will help you look your best.

Winged, Liquid Eyeliner & Fake Lashes

An easy, critical step in looking especially elegant on your wedding day is to apply winged liquid liner along the upper lash line. Makeup artists often include this as one of the first steps in applying bridal makeup because it instantly makes the eye pop and look larger. Winged liquid liner can also be traced over pencil to last longer. Fake eyelashes will also offer an elegant look while also creating larger eyes and are a great alternative to clumpy mascara that could potentially leak during the ceremony from happy tears.

Shimmery Eye Shadow

A second wedding makeup secret the best makeup artists know is shimmery eye shadow. Shimmery eye shadow represents the most feminine kind of makeup, which perfectly accommodates bridal makeup. The most seasoned makeup artists know that applying a shimmery cream colored eye shadow to the lid and to the inner corners of the eyes will make them pop. Then, applying a warmer, shimmery eye shadow, like mauve or taupe, to the crease will make the eyes stand out and appear larger.

Lip Liner and Matching Lip Gloss

A third wedding makeup secret is lip liner and a matching lip gloss. Lipstick or lip gloss will rub off from drinking or may fade quickly. However, by simply applying lip liner you’ll not only make the lips appear larger, but will also have set a base for the lip gloss. Next, applying a matching lip gloss will provide a fresh look to your lips that will outlast the kisses, drinks, and hours.

Wedding makeup secrets can be easily accomplished by following a few easy steps. Sticking to the basics provided in this article will provide optimal results for your big day.

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