Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

Once upon a time, all you needed to have at a wedding was a bride, a groom, guests, food, and music. Times have changed. When it comes to weddings one of the most important parts to take into consideration and to not overlook is your wedding entertainment moments. There are many small ideas and gestures that create unique wedding moments. In all honesty, your wedding is one of the most important days of your lives as a couple. On your wedding day, you will live some of the best moments of your life, surrounded by all the people you love most. Moments like these do not come around that often. Making sure that your wedding day is a little extra special with some of our unique wedding ideas is what we, here at FX Factory, are all about.

In reality, a wedding represents the union of two people like shown on who are celebrating the love they have for each other with a couple of dozen of their closest friends and families. Your guests take time out of their busy schedules, get ready, dress up, maybe even spend some of their savings on a new outfit, makeup, and other things. The least you can do is entertain them a little bit. There was a time when throwing some rice was all you need to make a good wedding come to life. Rice is said to symbolize wealth for the future couple and this is why tradition dictates trowing the rice.

We at FX Factory would like to offer newlyweds some unique wedding ideas that will create moments that will forever be cherished and perfectly immortalized in your photos. There are so many unique wedding ideas and sometimes all you need is a little bit of help in the right direction. Having your wedding day pass and realizing what you could have done differently if you only had some inspiration is why we are here. Here are some great ideas to incorporate into your wedding itinerary to give each moment some extra sparkle and shine.

Wedding Confetti

Picture a shower of color falling over a bride and groom as they hold hands and smile at each other.
There has never been a celebration worth mentioning that has not had confetti. These little paper pals are here to make sure that your wedding moments are truly underlined as extra special on your wedding day. We at FX Factory offer a variety of confetti styles. The are different shapes and different sizes to chose from. For that extra little bit of shine that goes a long way, there are metallic colors to choose from. Making it rain with smiles on your big day is our unique wedding gift to you.

Wedding Confetti Cannon

Imagine being surrounded by all of the people you love most, dancing the night away when all of a sudden you are being showered with love and confetti. If you happen to be the type of couple that thrives on perfection and want your wedding photos to be as unique as possible and come together in a perfect way, then the confetti cannon is the way to go. The confetti cannon will definitely create the magical moment that you have imagined in your mind. Bringing unique wedding ideas assures that your wedding moments will come to life perfectly. We offer a vast variety of choices. There are custom cannons, electric cannons, and handheld cannons. The choices are yours.

Wedding Streamers

Another great and unique wedding idea to use would be streamers. Wedding hand throw streamers are just as amazing but they differ in size and shape. The outcome is similar, yet different by the faint mirage of an extended shower of streamers. From tissue streamers in rainbow colors to metallic color streamer the choice is yours to make. We at FX Factory, besides offering multiple styles and colors of streamers, also offer an alternation of sizes as well. You can choose between 10 or 13 meters. Making sure you have just the right amount of sparkler at your wedding is what we do best.

Wedding Rose Petals

Imagine this scene, a beautiful bride waiting to begin her walk down the aisle. The groom patiently, yet filled with emotions, awaiting her arrival. A carpet like effect of rose petals on the floor of the aisle awaiting as if to guide the bride to her soon to be husband. A fairy tale in the making. This is the effect our rose petals bring and they make any event a unique wedding moment. If you consider that your wedding theme does not work with confetti, streamers or confetti cannon then this is another alternative that is more adequate for the more elegant and chic wedding. Wedding rose petal cannons are truly amazing!

Once your wedding day has come and gone you will be left with the memories that you had with those that love you most and whom you love most. Weddings are about being showered with love and affection and we at FX Factory believe in showering you with confetti, our streamers, and our petals so that your day is as unique as possible. Whatever it is that you might choose to shower your guests with, make sure that “love” is one of them. For everything else, there is FX Factory to take care of all your unique wedding idea.