Veri Wedding Photography

An award-winning photographer with sensitivity and spirit

Veri Wedding Photography  is a specialist wedding, fashion and event photography business based in Melbourne.

If you’re looking for an experienced photographer to tell your story with heart, insight and style, then look no further.

Our progressive approach to photography sets us apart. We push boundaries. Challenge comfort zones. And strive to tell a unique, inspiring story with every new image.

Our philosophy

We believe that a great photo is not about how accurately it tells a story. Nor is it about how appealing the image is to the eye. It’s about the tales, ideas and questions of each viewer.

This is what powerful storytelling is for us – the emotions, feelings and intensities behind each photo. And behind each pair of eyes.

Wedding photography is our specialty

Veri Melbourne Wedding Photography would be thrilled to photograph your special day. It would be a true honour. One we would not take for granted.

We happily travel anywhere throughout Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding areas as your chosen wedding photographer.

We believe in spontaneity – but take no risks

It’s no secret that life’s most magical moments are those that are unexpected. That’s why we aim to produce candid, unposed images that evoke the special mood and unique subtleties of your big day.

Although we prefer not to intervene, we also don’t take risks. We plan and instruct where necessary to ensure you have the right mix of photos to choose from.

Less is not more

Less is not more… when it comes to wedding photography. We believe you deserve an abundance of photos to assess and choose from.

With Veri Wedding Photography, you can expect to receive at least 100 photos for every hour we are retained. We won’t miss a thing. Every special moment will be captured, often from a range of angles.

We capture the hidden stories

Your wedding day will be nothing short of overwhelming. You’ll be on the go, non-stop. That’s why you need a photographer you can rely on to record as many moments as possible.

A good wedding photographer will enable you to reflect back and relive your day. But an excellent wedding photographer will also open a window into the stories you missed. At Veri Wedding Photography, we capture those special moments going on around you – the ones you were simply too busy to notice.