The traditional production takes place at the Diamond Exchange

 They say that diamonds are forever and they are right. Diamonds and its business have always been a part of great inquisitiveness an ecstasy. The traditional production of these diamonds take place at the Diamond Exchange (Burse) district, which is located the Ramat Gan area of Israel. The raw materials for the production of diamonds have to go through a strict scrutiny as these raw materials go to Diamond Exchange for quality assurance. The Diamond Exchange facility is considered to be the best in the whole world and there are a lot of takers for this scrutiny program.


Seven Carat trademark is one of the most specialized facilities in the whole of the world for the manufacturing as well as the reselling of gemstones and diamonds form 0.1 carat up to 10.00 carat. This carat sized is mounted on prestigious jewelry. The aim here is to provide high quality hand crafted as well as machine crafted certified jewelry. This delicate piece of jewelry is also provided at a relatively cheaper price. Affordability is our second name. Once you buy with Seven Carat, you will always buy from us owing to our eye and the precision with which we supply our gemstones.

Nature is at its very best when the most desired and the most exquisite gemstones are sold by Seven Carat. Refined, hand shaped and specifically designed jewels for every occasion at a relatively throw away price is the basic belief of Seven Carat. After buying from us, both diamonds and Seven Carat would be there forever in your lives.

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