The right style for dating


That woman are keen on men in suits is nothing new, however, it’s only half the story. Not every man who appears on a date wearing a suit will be described by the woman as attractive. What is the right style for dating? What should a man watch out for when choosing his outfit?

That a man in a suit doesn’t always have a good physical appearance shouldn’t be a surprise because the appearance of a man should always reflect his personality. If a rather poor man squeezes into a suit, jammed in there like a pickle, then the woman will feel that it doesn’t suit him and she won’t really find him attractive. On the other hand if he would present himself as if he didn’t care about fashion and styling then that will also backfire.

What’s the point of the matter?

There is only one main rule when choosing the right styling:

Find the style that works best for you!

(It’s obvious that you should always look groomed and clean.)

If you’re going on a date, then you want to expose information about yourself to the other person. However, this does not only happen when you are expressing yourself but primarily by what the other person reads out about their counterpart’s appearance. Subconsciously, we analyze people by their body language, their voice tone and their looks.

The purpose of the style is to create a congruent picture of us, which means that our styling has to reflect who we are. So if you’re asking yourself the question of how you should style yourself for a date, you should ask yourself the following two questions:

1) Which styles reflect who I am? (Classic, casual etc.)

2) What kind of picture do I want to express about me with my styling on dating site like adultfrienedfinder app? (Polo-type, suit type, surfer boy, rocker, student, banker, simple etc.)

If a man presents himself with a style with which he can identify himself, then that has two advantages:

  • He will feel comfortable, can present himself naturally and will therefore avoid nervous behavior
  • The woman will notice that the appearance will match with the person behind it

The right style is what it comes down to, however, it’s only one side of the coin. The other side, the one that’s more important to men than the right style, is the flipside of the coin, namely that what’s behind this styling.

A woman wants to understand the man’s personality because as opposed to men, women are mainly attracted by a man’s personality traits. Read more at: