The Most Important Gift of My Life – A Review Of

I was never a fan of oil paintings and I used not to trust online services until I found!

Here is my story:

I had some issues about giving out my credit card details to any stranger so I chose to send email to the customer service team of for inquiry. They told me that the process of online order placement is 100% safe. They even showed me their certification which is basically a permanent neutral external review of their website. The sitelock logo is displayed on their website and by clicking it the safety can be checked day by day.

After getting surety from Portrait-Painting customer services, I was feeling safe that my financial details are secure and in good hands. I asked them to help me create an adorable painting for my girlfriend. I initially paid only 20 percent of the total price excluding shipping charges. The best part of the deal is that if the final product is not according to your requirements and you don’t like it, you don’t need to pay anything more. Knowing this about the deal, I was very much sure that their portrait artists will work hard to produce the best possible quality product and it will be convincing for me to purchase the painting.

I wished to propose her to marry me. I sent Portrait-Painting our photo and asked them if they can use this picture to produce some outstanding portrait that could help me impress and pleas my girlfriend. Then we discussed some ideas about the portrait.


They noted all my requirements and came up with some great ideas. They sent me a Prototype within next twenty four hours. A Prototype is a preview of how the original painting layout will look after painting. I was so surprised and excited, it was looking fantastic. I approved the prototype instantly and asked them to work as fast as possible to make that painting for me.

Portrait-Painting sent me an email to ask that if I would like to add a frame to my painting. I had no idea which frame will suit it so in order to seek idea from them; I asked for some more prototypes with different frames to check which frame will suit my painting. One of the customer service representatives gave me an idea that the shiny gold premium frame will best suit my painting and will make it look even more beautiful.

Finally the painting was complete and I received a preview of it. It was impressive and I was so happy with it. Without waiting anymore, I quickly paid rest of the 80% amount. I wanted the portrait for my girlfriend’s birthday party and was worried that I’ll not receive it on time. Portrait-Painting assured me that painting is complete and will be shipped the very next day. They guaranteed the timely delivery of it. I was surprised that how quick the service was. They took only one week to create such an amazing painting and shipping was very fast.

It is exactly what I wanted the artist to do and he definitely did the same. The colors are so vibrant and they really captured the true beauty of my girlfriend. The branches of tree and the sun make the painting look like a romantic scene. I am also very happy that the artist captured every detail of her dress i.e. embroidering, the rose petals and even the shadows of the trees.


The great day finally came and I was so nervous. My hands were shaking when I presented the portrait to my girlfriend along with the engagement ring in front of all our family and friends. I was thinking that what if she didn’t like the idea to marry me? I never spoke a single word yet and she instantly said YES! It was a gracious moment for me. She was so happy with the painting and she couldn’t even believe how creative I was to propose her for marriage in such a special way.

We are planning our wedding ceremony and will defiantly use the services of again, maybe for one of our wedding photos, a painting of our four year old son or for my mother’s birthday. is amazing. They take a simple photo and transform it into an outstanding piece of artwork. I have viewed many of their custom paintings on their website and facebook page. It was difficult for me to believe that they were 100% handmade until I received my own painting. You can even see the brushstrokes on the background and every detail is visible.

Whenever I tell the price I paid for this painting to those who visit my home, they don’t believe me. I have got a museum quality painting for near to no money. The painting is hanging over the wall, above my fireplace so that everyone can see it.

If you want to get a master piece of art work for your home or a perfect gift for a family member or a close friend, then portrait painting is the best choice for you. The prices are reasonable and the quality is exceptional.

I have recommended the company to all my family, friends, colleges and everyone I know. I’m so happy with the outcome and satisfied how easy and secure the process was.

The crew at was really helpful. I would like to thank everyone there for all their hard work and a special thanks to the artist who created such a beautiful piece of artwork and the customer service team who gave me some great ideas to beautify the portrait.

I am writing this review to publish on this blog in favor of the company because they helped me to fulfill my wish and played an important role in creating a special and memorable moment in my life. They really made my day.