The 3 very important things to consider when searching for a wedding photographer

Partnering with a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions in the lead up to your wedding. Ensuring you choose a wedding photographer who can capture the timeless moments of your special day and enhance that with your chosen scenery can be the difference between a wedding album brought out for every visitor or one left to collect dust in the attic.

Firstly you should work with someone who is a professional photographer. Sure getting a family friend to do it for a fraction of the price as a professional might seem attractive but believe us when we say it, budget wedding photography shows. Odd angles, poor lighting, dominant shadows, odd background objects – such mistakes are prevalent by amateur photographers. With the advancement in photography technology and affordability every man and his dog can now claim to be a photographer based on their instagram and iphone but on a day when you might spends thousands on a venue, cake, dress and food don’t skip on the most memorable part of it all, the photography. Hiring a professional wedding photographer ensures a wedding album full of picture frame worthy photos.


Secondly work with a photographer who has experience in your desired location or theme. For example if you’re planning a northern beaches beach wedding then work with a photographer who has a portfolio of northern beach wedding photography. They will be able to collaborate, provide ideas and inspiration or even make decisions about final locations based on their experiences where as someone knew to a particular area or theme won’t be able to provide that trustworthy second opinion that might help make the photos that extra special.

Lastly work with someone who wants to work with you, not for you. There is a big difference in wedding photographers who treat their work as a job against those that treat it as the passion. Genuineness cannot be faked in this industry and partnering with a wedding photographer who displays enjoyment in been a collaborative part of your wedding day will prove a godsend. From your first contact with them their dedication to client service and overall professionalism should be tangible and help you choose them as your wedding photographer.

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