Telling a Story with your Wedding Photos

If there is one area of professional photography where the range of photos done by even the best professionals like can go from maudlin and boring to emotional and exciting, then those are the wedding photos. Different people want different things but we can all agree that everyone wants something special and something they will remember. One of the best ways to do this and to also provide people with the best possible memory of their happiest day is to tell a little story with the photos. Do not just plop the couple and their friends and family in front of the camera. Make a little movie with the photos and let them relive their best day ever again and again. To give you an idea of what we are talking about, we will show it to you on an example from Finessence Photography . More precisely, we will show you this on the wedding photos from the wedding of Rachel and Matt that they covered


It all starts with one of the groomsmen, most probably the best man, coming with a jacket.

It is a simple, black and white photo which looks more like something you would see in a magazine or a news article. Still, you get the feeling of the place, you get the feeling of the entire day and you get the feeling that these are people and not just models who are posing for the photos.

We get to see some more photos of the groomsmen and the groom, Matt (second from the left in the first photo)

Once again, you somehow feel drawn into the proceedings, seeing the groomsmen having a laugh and a drink, trying to figure out how the bowties work and so on. These are real people who are having fun. Then of course, there is the obligatory posing photo.

We are then transported to the bride’s part of the pre-wedding happenings and once again, we are greeted with a photo that shows us the preparations, the bride is getting her make-up done.

We get to see the bridesmaids putting on their dresses, still barefoot, we see the ring-bearer (a cute little girl) getting dressed, with a little help from the bride’s father and so on. We are once again part of the wedding.

The Wedding

These photos speak for themselves and you almost feel like you are watching a film of the wedding, done by someone with an immaculate eye for beauty and details. You will once again notice a plot and a rhythm to the photos. We will let the photos talk.


After the ceremony

We are also invited to the celebration and the first shot is that of the venue and some guys standing in front of it. You can almost hear the music and you can almost hear what the joke is about.

We go inside and listen to the speeches

The dance

The couple is gone

You can see how this sort of wedding photography makes for a more intimate set of photos and a more intimate atmosphere. One thing that you guarantee yourself and your clients if you do the wedding photos this way is that every wedding will be different and that they will see real people they know and now models who are trying their best to just look good in dresses and suits.