TA 65 Scam

Through the advancement in science and technology, there are now products manufactured aiming to fight cellular aging and one of it is the TA 65. It utilizes the science of activating the Telomerase. With the launch of the product, tons of people had high hopes that their problems can now be solved. However, there are also claims stating that together with it’s use comes it’s possible side effects. After all, the result would still differ from one person to another.

The TA 65 is now commercially available and it is also said to be safe for short term use. However, some people still claims that the evidence regarding the safety of it’s long term use. In fact, some have even associated it with cancer. They said that people who have cancer is also suffering from disordered telomerase function. Because of that, they have come up with a theory of oncogene-meditated promotion of cancer through the use of TA 65 or any other telomerase activators.

There has even been a class action lawsuit filed against the manufacturer of the Ta 65 as they have claimed that no cancer diagnosis has been reported by those who have taken the supplement as the defendant’s employee has been diagnosed with cancer after taking it. The complaint claims that it is the one responsible for the increase in the chances of the people taking it to have tumors. There are also studies conducted on mice showing that those that have been given with TA65 laced food had a higher liver cancer incidence.

Nevertheless, studies and data supporting these claims are still lacking. Thus, it still remains uncertain on whether or not it really does increases the risk of humans acquiring activation due to long term telomerase activation. On the other hand, there has also been studies conducted stating that there is also lack of proof that the TA 65 is indeed capable of lengthening telomeres and that it is also capable of extending the lifespan even of animals.

Just like any other products out there, there is a need for you to consult your physician first before you decide to take the TA 65. This s because it is one way of ensuring that it is safe to you. It is also a way for you to spare yourself from it’s possible side effects. Of course, consuming the right dosage is also very important as well as proper diet, sleep and lifestyle changes.