Should You Use Two Wed to Make Your Wedding Fun and Memorable?

In today’s world, internet promises to change the face of most things, and that includes wedding. Now, with the help of a web-based service called Two Wed, you can make your wedding all the more special and unique.

What is Two Wed?

Based in Canada, Two Wed is an interactive web platform that aspires to blend the auspiciousness of your wedding with the latest technology. Helping you bring your friends and family members together with the help of your own personalized wedding website, Two Wed makes sure that your wedding feels like one truly taking place in the 21st century!


Features the site offers

Two Wed gives you a number of different features to make your wedding memorable. First, the site lets you pick an amazing theme for your website. Second, it allows you to personalize your wedding web address the way you want to. Third, it lets you integrate your social life, in order to prevent your site from being isolated. Additionally, Two Wed offers you some other very helpful features, too.


Using the site to maximize fun

One of the main goals behind the creation of Two Wed has been maximizing wedding fun, and one way the site achieves that is by letting you harness the power of social media. You can link your Facebook account with your wedding website, for instance; and also, you can link your Twitter account. When your social media accounts are linked to your wedding website, other members can interact with you either indirectly via the social media site, or directly via your personal wedding site. Other than that, you can add wedding photos and maps to enhance fun a bit more, too.

Two Wed and convenience

Two Wed and convenience go hand in hand. The site lets you upload your guest list using a single excel file and send a personalized invitation to each and everyone. It also enables you and your guests to interact in real-time. Other than that, you are given the choice of spreading the word about your big day in your native tongue.

Should you use it?

Yes, you very much should! Given that you are granted unlimited access to every single wonderful Two Wed feature for a mere one-time-fee of $29.95, and that there is a 30-day free trial period to top it off, there is absolutely no reason why you should not give the service a try.

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