Shab Siarezi: Makeup Artist Long Island

Ask any women about the routine that they have before they head out and majority of them will have makeup on their list. Makeup is essential because it helps to highlight and amplify features and most of all, mask imperfections. With the right makeup you can stand to look 10 years younger or even pull off a different look altogether. There are many ways to manipulate such looks by drawing out your eyebrows, using a certain colour for your lip or even changing the colour tone of the face. Under the hands of a professional makeup artist, it can make a difference if you are trying to achieve the natural, playful or sexy look. This need is amplified especially if you have a special event and there is a need to look your best.

If you are having a special event, getting your makeup done by a professional is advised because they are able to bring out a certain look which will match the clothing for the evening. Finding any random makeup artist is easy to do but finding the right one with the same vision as you can be difficult to achieve. One great way to decide is by going through a portfolio for the artist. Most established makeup artist have an extensive portfolio showing different styles and intricateness of the makeup. Besides the great work, your makeup artist should be patient and have a personality that you are comfortable with. The last thing you want is to be stuck for hours with a makeup artist with a bad attitude. Someone who is patient will be able to find out more about the look you are trying to achieve and bring that look out.


Getting the best look you can get is important but the price should always be one of your key factor before hiring a makeup artist. Although money might be a considerable factor, you won’t want to scrimp and save on this. Having the right makeup artist that can bring out your beauty is worth more than spending hundred on clothing. There are many different price ranges available but the more expensive ones tend to have better support over a longer period and the intricateness of the makeup tends to be a few levels deeper which can really make it or break it for your special event. Always remember though that there are no fixed price when it comes to make up and it really depends on the location you are doing at and what your potential makeup artist is able to do.

Availability should also be a key concern when it comes to choosing the right makeup artist. You need the artist to be available at the time you require therefore booking your makeup artist should be done a couple of weeks or days in advance. Understand that makeup is like painting a blank piece of canvas and it requires a lot of thought and dedication.

If you are looking for someone who can provide you professional makeup services whether be it for a wedding, a fashion shoot or production in Long Island. Shab Siarezi should be in your list of considerations. Working in the field for more than 10 years, Her work has been used by many big time clients such as HBO, the Food Network, AMC, PBS, Lester’s and ESPN. Her wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion makes her a joy to work with and her makeup skills are second to none. Booking her is easy through her website and she handles a wide range of services be it private events or even bridal events.