Saravanan meenatchi

Saravanan meenatchi is a popular romantic serial telecasting on VijayTv, formally starred by Senthil and Sreeja and directed by Azhagar, the story is about the romance and marriage of saravanan ( senthil) who works in Radio mirchi and meenatchi (sreeja)from Kalladaikurinji (Thirunelvi), not like other stories, here both pairs were traditionally engaged, later their families collapsed and the story tells how they fall in love and convince their family and get married. Finally saravanan moved to Canada along with his lovely wife Meenatchi
Season 2 of the serial starts with saravanan’s son “Shakthi Saravanan” (irfan), he is on an aim of finding a bride like his mother meenatchi, therefore he comes to india and meets his grandparents, they suggests a proposal which the girl is shakthi saravanan’s own uncle’s daughter named as “Thanga Meenatchi”, the new director Praveen also tries to keep the same romantic comedy follow in the season 2, shakthi saravanan falls in love with meenatchi immediately at moment he saw her.
Sreeja Chandran

Antagonisms between both families haven’t been solved yet. Saravanan enters to meenatchi’s house as a guest, he tries to develop feelings with meenatchi, the story continues with love and fight, by the time moving meenatchi falls in love for shakthi saravanan and meenatchi’s parents also accept them without knowing shakthi saravanan’s family background, meenatchi’s father Tamizh, is asking shakthi saravanan to meet his parents, saravanan tells the truth to his lovely fiancée and later she has been convinced by him, hopeless saravanan plans to invite his grandparents to the village as his father-in-law required.

Shakthi saravanan’s grandparents Rajasekar and saradha comes to the village and first of all they visits Tamizh’s father’s grave who passed in the story  season-1, while paying their respects, tamizh got to know that his wife’s parents has arrived to the village, Tamizh takes the revenge to kill them, asks shakthi saravanan to give him a hand. Before the arrival of tamizh,  soundariya (tamizh’s wife) reaches her parents and ask them to leave the village soon. Tamizh comes to the place and he isn’t able to find them.   Saravanan is seeking for an idea to solve the problems between both families.