Rumoquin NF

Everything You Need to Know About Rumoquin NF

Rumoquin NF, or popularly known as simply Rumoquin, is a drug made by a Mexican company. The drug is used to deal with back pain and arthritis.

Main constituents

Rumoquin contains three active ingredients as its primary constituents. The first ingredient contained is diclofenac. The second ingredient is methocarbamol, which is widely accepted as a muscle relaxant having the ability to treat muscle spasms. The third ingredient, dexamethasone, is a steroid. The drug contains some other ingredients in trace amounts, too, but they are not listed.

Overall effectiveness

Most arthritis and back pain sufferers who use Rumoquin admit that it works. It seems that the drug can really reduce pain, making a patient active and able to perform daily activities without any problems. It is the drug’s ability to deliver on its promises which has made is so popular in a number of regions in the world, especially in the USA.

Where it’s found

Rumoquin can be purchased in the form of Rumoquin NF, a capsule that is purple in color. Two variants of the capsule are available in the market, which are 75mg and 200mg. It can be bought in the USA by using a number of different online pharmaceutical websites. However, note that the drug costs a bit more in the USA than it costs in Mexico, its native place. Because of that, many USA patients prefer to fly to Mexico and buy a large amount of it at once.

Safety information

Rumoquin is manufactured by a Mexican company called Marcel. It is not approved by the FDA in the USA. The reason is that the drug contains some questionable ingredients, including dexamethasone, which is a type of steroid. Its use can cause a range of different side-effects, too. Other than that, the label does not name each and every ingredient present in it.

Known side-effects

Rumoquin can lead to a number of side-effects. For one, it can cause weight gain. Other than that, it can lead to muscle cramps, headaches and dizziness. Some patients report experiencing vomiting, nausea and rashes, too, after consuming it. Shortness of breath is another concern that interferes in the lives of the users of the drug. Also, a small number of patients report that the use of the medication gives rise to bad vision, causing blind spot to appear.

Rumoquin is not the safest solution to tackle arthritis, or back pain. Still, when other drugs do not prove to be effective, its use may provide relief.