Prolozone Therapy Scam

Many people suffer from acute body pains as a result of different reasons. One common feature of this condition is that it seems to never go away regardless of the treatment. One of the commonest methods of treating pain resulting from damaged joints, tendons and other such parts of the body is prolotherapy. Even with the relative success of prolotherapy, practitioners and especially patients have discovered the relapse of such pains and this probably led to the development and probably the popularity of prolozone.

Prolozone is a treatment method for acute pains that seem to be gaining popularity by the day. It is the use of oxygen and ozone to treat affected areas of the body. These substances are delivered into the body using an injection. Unlike the earlier forms of treating body pains, the prolozone therapy brings almost immediate relief to the pains, with some quarters also saying that it can repair tissues permanently, ending chronic pain in totality.

It is also said that prolozone can help to repair cartilage in the joints of the body – a treatment urgently needed to treat arthritis. Sacroiliac joint dysfucntion, back pain, and sciatica are other conditions, practitioners claim prolozone can treat.

Even with these great attributes about the prolozone mentioned above, there are some negatives to this form of treatment. While the cost of treatment that currently stands at an average of a hundred and twenty-five dollars per injection might not be a big deal especially to persons that already have a high cost of surgical treatment, the fact that scientists have not been able to establish a study or review of the long-term effect of prolozone requires that one is cautious of opting for this form of treatment.

One major side effect to using prolozone treatment besides the fact that it is not covered under health insurance is that some patients complain of having increased pain around the treated region.