Making Your Wedding Day Extra Special with His and Hers Wedding Rings

A wedding engagement is a very special time in the life of a couple. Typically, one of the partners will research not only how to pop the important question and where the perfect romantic place will be, but also will find the phenomenal ring that will accompany the proposal. Sometimes the engagement ring will be an heirloom or a ring that is chosen for a specific reason such as color or style. Only one half of the couple typically receives a ring. The wedding ceremony provides another wondrous opportunity for rings and this time both partners are able receive a very special gift of a ring from the other.

Matching wedding rings exchanged with love are the perfect expression of commitment. Matching rings symbolize the unity and singular family you will become. There are many things to keep in mind when choosing the most captivating matching wedding rings such as a special design, quality material, and a price range you can afford.


There are an incredible amount of designs to choose from. It is important to choose one that means something to you as a couple. It could have a design with something such as stars, little chains, flowers, or hearts. The design could be very simple or complex with diamonds and curls and two different types of metal. Some rings are made to be joined into one design such as each wedding band being only half of a heart that then becomes complete when both wedding bands are placed together. Sometimes two colors of metal together, such as gold and silver, can show a blended family or that two different pasts are now shared. There are some truly unique and unusual wedding ring designs available from some highly skilled designers. It really is worth doing some research to identify styles which suit both you and your partner. Taking the time to find that extra special wedding ring set will make your special day that little bit extra special and you will be reminded every time you look at the wedding ring on your hand.

There are several metals to choose from for the matched wedding rings. Gold, white gold and silver were the most common metals for rings. Then rose gold became popular along with platinum coming on board. Now the choice of metals includes cobalt, palladium, ceramic, and tungsten.

Choosing which metal for the matching bands can be as simple as what makes your eyes sparkle or it could be as complicated as a rating scale looking at things like how heavy each band is, difficulty in being able to have it resized, how unique the metal is, or how durable the ring will stand up to the daily rigors of life (and jobs). Everyone wants an awe-inspiring ring that will be with them for the rest of their life.

Of course, price does matter and when choosing the matching wedding bands, the bride and groom will need to sit down and see what they can afford either from cash in the bank or what payments they can make as newlyweds. A rule of thumb from most jewelers for an engagement ring is 3 months of the groom’s salary. For a groom making $100,000 a year, this would mean $25,000.

A matched set of wedding rings will make that special day and special commitment truly awesome!