Inbal Dror Wedding Gown Prices

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A bride in a very traditional long white wedding dress with train, tiara and white veil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marriage is undoubtedly the most romantic occasion of any lady’s life. It marks the start of a new life of love, care and affection. In order to celebrate the divine moments of the wedding day, every bride should be attired in a gorgeous wedding gown that fits her body and soul as well. If you are busy making arrangements for your wedding in the near future, Inbal Dror wedding gowns will certainly turn out to be the ideal choice, with their elegant design, exquisite workmanship and luxurious comfort.

Inbal Dror wedding gowns have an Israeli origin. In fact, they are named after their designer who is an haute couture and wedding dress designer. Inbal Dror is certainly one of the most creative and skillful wedding dress designers in the modern world. Her studio in Ashdod, Israel is the birthplace of all sorts of spectacular wedding and evening gowns. The best thing is that she takes orders for custom-made gowns exclusively designed to meet your own expectations. Regardless of her location, she has become the primary choice of thousands of stylish brides all over the world.

The main motive of Inbal Dror wedding gowns appears to be the enhancement of the bride’s beauty on her memorable wedding day with a touch of eroticism and romance. Wedding gowns are available in a range of attractive colors including white, pink and cream. Top-quality lace and tulle are capable of adding an unmatched sense of comfort to every dress. Thanks to Inbal Dror’s skillful tailoring and attention to detail, they are also rich in adorable embroidery, sultry drapes and lavish hems. While some gowns feature braided backs and bows, others with V-backs and sleeveless open shoulders can help you bring out your true beauty in the most perfect manner.

While designing custom wedding gowns, Inbal Dror also is quite famous for her wedding couture collections. Each year she comes up with an exclusive range of wedding gowns, through various fashion shows and exhibitions. ‘Inbal Dror Catalogue Shoot Wedding Couture’ and ‘Wedding Culture by Inbal Dror’ are two of the most popular wedding fashion shows. Sensual models dressed in graceful Inbal Dror wedding gowns add breathtaking beauty to each of these events. In keeping with Inbal Dror’s desire to experiment, her 2012 Wedding Couture Collection is inspired by Roman style, with gowns featuring lavish tulle and fish tail hems.

Wedding gowns from Inbal Dror are available at a variety of prices. Regardless of being somewhat expensive in comparison to regular wedding gowns, they can certainly quench your thirst for an ideal wedding dress. Details of latest designs and their prices can be found easily on the internet, along with hundreds of magnificent photos of wedding gowns. In addition to the official Inbal Dror website, there are dozens of wedding and fashion websites that can help you in this regard. No matter where you live, you can easily contact the Inbal Dror team through e-mail and learn more about how to get hold of your dream Inbal Dror wedding gown.

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