Ideal wedding shower or wedding gift for the coffee or tea lover

Here is an ideal wedding shower or wedding gift for the coffee or tea lover, gourmet cook, foodie or lover of elegant dinner table items and one you’ll most likely not find duplicated….Chef Richard Rosendale’s 3 Cup Tabletop Siphon.

Chef Richard Rosendale (who will appear in the upcoming show ABC’s Recipe Rehab) is sharing his techniques using one of the tools he used while representing America in competing at the International cooking competition in Lyon France, the Bocuse d’Or.

This glass Siphon pot is extremely elegant and modern and can be used for coffee making or, as used in the competition, to infuse broths with a variety of flavors and aromas for meat, fish or poultry also herbal tea blends and just about anything you can think of that needs brewing!

Used often by professional chefs the aroma that they put out is so fragrant that in Richard’s words “people are nearly jumping out of their seat wanting to taste the broth”

With these pots you can also purchase custom accessories that are handmade with silver like the custom pouring spout with rubber gasket. Also the Silver cap can be designed with what ever you want on top, your logo or “signature look” all are options. It comes with an alcohol burner or optional Vacpot Butane Micro Burner.

Email Richard Rosendale on his site for any information on the Siphon and the available accessories that can be purchased.

When deciding on a custom order make sure to give yourself ample lead time since all of these are handmade and take time to produce.

Check out comments, information and Chef Rosendale using the Siphon on Chef Richard Rosendale, CMC facebook site and look into purchasing one of these elegant Siphons for the bride-to-be or couple or even just for yourself here: