How to Plan your Central Park Elopement

One of the most affordable and memorable ways of tying the knot is by doing it in many of the great places available in Central Park.  I have married numerous couples, both locals and tourists, which found magic in the wonderful landscape that can only be experienced in New York City.   Many of my brides take advantage of the beautiful scenery through our New York City Wedding Elopement Package, our job is to help you create that special ceremony that will make you remember your wedding day forever.

There are not many requirements for you to elope in Central Park or anywhere else in New York City.  It’s almost as simple as having a government issued ID, two witnesses and a marriage license.  The marriage license must be obtained at least 24 hours before your ceremony at the New York City Clerk’s office, which is open Monday – Friday for the most part.  

With a registered New York City marriage officiant , you can then pick a date and place to perform your ceremony. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when planning your wedding or elopement ceremony in Central Park; if you are more a visual person, head over to our Wedding Gallery that features many Central Park Wedding spots.

Location Permit

New York City Parks & Recreation Department allows group to gather in park grounds as long as the amount people involved does not exceed 20.  This means that you can have your elopement ceremony in virtually any New York City public park space (including central park) as long as your wedding party (including the wedding officiant and photographer) does not exceed 20 people. If there is more than 20 people involved, you must obtain a Special Event Permit.  a permit is also good if you feel that the space that you would like to get married in is a popular one, having a permit allows you to reserve the spot. Here’s is the link on how to obtain it:

What are some of the FREE spots where I can have the wedding ceremony?

Yes, you heard right! There is no charge for you to get married in central park grounds (unless you are doing it at the conservatory Gardens or at any of the other vendors).  There are many places that are built into the park that are perfect for your wedding ceremony.  Just keep in mind that if you don’t have a permit, you might need to do a little waiting to use the space.  Some of my favorites are (in no special order):

  • Cop Cot (Gazebo)
  • Ladies Pavilion (Gazebo)
  • Wagner Cove (Gazebo)
  • Cherry Hill
  • Harlem Meer
  • Shakespeare Garden
  • Bethesda Terrace / Bethesda Fountain 
  • Cedar Hill
  • Great Hill
  • Gapstow Bridge
  • Belvedere Plaza / Castle
  • Bow Bridge