How To Clean Your Hair and Scalp Pores Without Washing It and Remove Scalp Buildup

The number one problem that all types of hair and races face is the buildup that is on the scalp from traditional hair shampoos, hair sprays, styling gels etc. These are known for leaving sticky residue and also getting the excess sebum and scalp grease to mix in with them and this causes hardened sebum build up on the scalp and also inside the hair follicles and pores which can lead to a ton of different problems.

For example almost all men and women that complain of hair growth problems whether it be slow growing, thinner in diameter o eve hair loss and fall which is the lack of growth can be attributed back to build up inside the hair follicle and often times sebum plugs. Exfoliating the scalp is a good step but but a simple scalp brush isn’t going to be enough to wok on the buildup inside or the clogged pores.

These are more complicated and take very specific herbs and minerals to help get rid of or dissolve the hardened and crystallized sebum or oils. Remember that a waxy buildup in the hair or on the scalp is a result of a mixture of yeast, fungus or bacteria and the scalp oils. Therefore the excess fungus and bacteria also has to be addressed.

This is why a Mineral Scalp Scrub is one of the best ways to handle the buildup inside and outside the follicles and helps with the question of how to clean scalp pores — (use this for link) . For example the Zincplex Brand Scalp Scrub has thyme, sage and even burdock to breakdown the buildup but also to irrigate the follicle cavity similar to opening a clogged drain. This is vital to longer term health of the hair and to get it growing the way that it should.