How to choose the right shape for your Wedding Ring

Cut VS Shape

The shape of a diamond is directly related to the stone’s appearance. Some can be round, which is the more traditional style, while others are heart-shaped, or teardrop style. It is completely different from the cut, which is one of the four C’s of choosing a diamond: carat, cut, color and clarity. The cut refers specifically to the diamond’s ability to reflect light. When it comes to wedding rings for women, it can be hard to choose the perfect shaped wedding ring. It is often said to choose what complements the woman’s personality and lifestyle, while also looking astounding on her finger.

How to Choose the Perfect Shaped Wedding Ring

There is a large variety of shaped wedding rings, from princess to oval to emerald to tulip, a variety of these diamond shapes are found on Orla James. Shape is a huge factor to consider when choosing a diamond, and there are certainly plenty of facts to consider before you purchase a diamond.

  1. Choose a ring that fits well with the engagement ring. These are rings that your soon-to-be-wife will be wearing every single day. They should look well together, and complement one another. The engagement ring usually comes first, so the best shaped wedding rings will suit the engagement ring well. Some diamond shapes, like oval, round and cushion, are best suited to being the primary stone of a multiple stoned ring. The right setting will really make the ring shine.
  2. Consider how the ring will look on your fiancé’s hand, as well as the size of her hand and length of her fingers. Square shapes, such as the radiant or the princess, have been found to look better on women with longer fingers, as it can make them look shorter. Round and heart shaped wedding rings can make large hands look smaller, while emerald and marquise stones are perfect for smaller hands. Elongated styles, like pear and oval, are perfect for women with shorter fingers.
  3. Think about your future wife’s style. Is she traditional? If so, she may prefer a round, brilliant diamond set in a solitaire setting. If she gears more toward a helpless romantic, and a sentimentalist, perhaps a pink, heart-shaped diamond would make her swoon. If she loves to be unique, or is heavily into fashion, you may find a colored diamond with an unusual wedding ring in a modern setting will suit her best.


Commonly Shaped Wedding Rings for Women

There are 11 shapes that are common for wedding rings for women. The round brilliant, which is one of the most traditional wedding rings for women, is 58-facet cut which is divided among the top, wider part and base. The oval shape is symmetrical, and rounded. The marquise, one of the unusual wedding rings, is an elongated shape with pointed ends, perfect for a solitaire setting or matching diamond setting. Pear shaped diamonds combine oval and marquise to create a teardrop shape. The heart shaped is simply a pear shape diamond with a cleft on top. Emerald diamonds, also known as a step cut, has broad, flat planes that look like stairways. It is a rectangular shape overall. There’s the princess, which is a square with many facets, the trilliant shape, which is a wedge shaped diamond, the radiant, which is a square shape with a brilliant gleam, and the asscher cut, which is also a square shape.