How to assemble Wahl clipper blades?


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When using a good hair clipper, it is important to frequently clean is, as otherwise, there are many problems that can rise from improper maintenance, this can go from the lade not cutting, to the band of the hair clipper not moving. Some problem a hair clipper may have are more delicate than other, but a common problem that can be easily fixed is changing, or properly cleaning the blades, in this article, I will explain in depth how to open a hair clipper, remove the none working blades, and reassemble the Wahl clipper blades.

  1. Unscrew the hair clipper.

For this simple task, all you need is an appropriate screw driver, if you happen to not have one at home, or cannot find them, then a specific knife that has a tip that will move the screws might work perfectly as well for this purpose.

Once you have found the appropriate tools to unscrew, you will proceed to place the hair clipper on a steady table, with the screws facing upwards, make sure to hold the hair clipper while you unscrew the screws, as the blades are usually sharp, and can cause damage.

Once you have unscrewed the hair clipper, you will see the blades move.

  1. Remove and clean the blades

Once you have taken them out you will be able to see whether they have to be replaced or can function after a proper cleaning. To do so you must brush the hair off the clipper as well as from the blade, and make sure you clean the device properly so that this won’t be an inconvenience in the near future. One you have completely brushed the hairs off the blades and the cap, follow to pour soup in a container and add water, and let the blades rest in the water, this will help properly clean them. If you have baby oil, clean the blade and the top of the hair clipper with a paper cotton pad, this will make the blades have more movement, every time you use the machine, be sure to clean it, for better results

  1. The hair sponge

A commonly unknown piece of a hair clipper is the sponge that is below the blades that attracts hairs, and prevents them from getting to the motor, as this may cause a larger problem. To properly clean the hair clipper, you will have to remove this sponge as well. This sponge can be cleaned using the same steps as for the blades, if it is difficult to get back to good shape for it to function with ease. Then one can be made from a sponge you have at home, make sure to cut the exact shape of the sponge in the hair clipper for it to fit properly and leave no space by the side, furthermore, there shall be a hole in the middle as can be seen in the original sponge that will allow the sponge to fit back in.

  1. Reassemble the Wahl clipper blades

Once you have properly cleaned all the part of the hair clipper that require cleaning, or decided to opt for new pieces for a better performance and a long-lasting hair clipper, you will proceed to reassemble all the parts that were taken out from the hair clipper

The first step would be to place the sponge back in place, making sure it leaves no space for hair to pass, as this will lead to hair getting stuck in the motor.

The second is to place back the thin blade, whether it is the same or a new blade, the have the hole that will be specifically sized to fit the screw and shall be place at the same place of the holes in the hair clipper.

Then you will place the big blade positioned as well to fit the holes of the hair clipper.

And lastly, place the screws back in