Groom’s Wedding Suits

Let’s face it: The Wedding Day really belongs to the Blushing Bride. Beginning at the rehearsal dinner through the reception and not to mention the exotic honeymoon. One might say…”But what about the Men.” Well frankly speaking there really isn’t that much apart from choosing your suit wisely making sure it fits on that day.

Assuming you know absolutely nothing about choosing your Wedding Suit I am going to go through some basic gospel facts.

Don’t Rent

There are some men who will opt to go down the popular rent-your-tux avenue and really that’s okay as my nana always said “every man had his poison.” But considering you’re not heading to the high school prom night I highly recommend against it as you really don’t need the general association of looking cheap not well fitted look that more often than not goes with the rent-your-tux boat. You definitely want to buy for this event.

The Look

Guys you want to dress like you’re about to get married, not going for that executive interview. It is highly suggested that you go something of the three piece nature and. Spend the extra buck for something nice and in the color to suit the theme of the wedding I promise you you won’t regret it.

Go with the Custom Fit

I know what you’re thinking…”I’m going all out to get the most expensive name branded suit there is.” Well…Not so guys. You really want to go with the yes expensive but rather a tailor made custom suit. You’ll learn that having a custom suit made to your physique is much better than an expensive name brand with a poor fit.

Choosing your Fabric

Finding the right tailor to meet your requirements is only the first step. You now need to pick a fine fabric to build your winning wedding suit laying out the foundation for the building blocks. Choosing nice wool of considerable weight is the key to your price construction.

Remember even though the day belongs to the Bride, you too can share in some of the splendor with your Winning Wedding Suit.