Give your beloved an original engagement ring

The engagement ring should be chosen according to the preferences of your beloved, well thought out and given from the heart. Engagement is an important moment for both of you, so you should take care of the whole setting for this unique celebration. You will remember the engagement day for the rest of your life, so besides a beautiful ring, choose an original place for your engagement. You have many articles on the Internet where you can find the best ideas for a successful engagement. In this article we will tell you which ring to choose.

Which ring setting to choose

Engagement ring is a symbol of your love, you choose it for your beloved for life. The originality of the engagement ring is not in its fanciful shape, but in the fact that it should indicate as much as possible the bond that unites you. The uniqueness of the engagement ring comes mainly from the unique setting of the stone embedded in the ring or its unusual, interesting shape. In the CHRIST Onlineshop you will find many beautiful and unique engagement rings. Coupon codes from Christ you will pay less for the selected ring.

Which stone to choose?

The stone plays the most important role in an engagement ring. The most popular are gold rings with diamonds. It is a very durable and indestructible stone, so it is a symbol of eternal love. If you want to choose a custom model, you can choose other rubies, sapphires or diamonds. In addition, you can choose a ring with a larger diamond stone and several smaller transparent or black diamonds. In CHRIST online store you can find a wide range of engagement rings with different stones, with discount code you can get up to 20% discount on the selected model.

The choice of the stone depends mainly on the preferences of your beloved, it should be the most important criterion for choosing an engagement ring.

What material should the engagement ring be made of?

The most popular are rings made of gold. You know your beloved best and you know what she likes best, what jewelry she wears every day. If she loves gold, choose a gold engagement ring, if your beloved wears silver every day, choose a ring made of white gold. The stores also offer rings made of other materials, such as titanium, which is associated with indestructibility and steadfastness, or wood, which is a symbol of nature. A ring made of these materials will certainly be original and unique, but it all depends on the taste of your loved one.

Engagement rings that combine several elements look very beautiful. The original combination is titanium with a black diamond or white gold with a brilliant diamond and several smaller black diamonds. However, the final choice depends on you and your loved one’s preferences. When buying an engagement ring, you can benefit from coupons and offers from various jewelry stores, which you can find on All Christ offers (Christ-Angebote) are constantly checked, so you can be sure that every coupon is up to date.