Five Benefits of Choosing Wood Wedding Rings

woodenringOver the past several years there have been an increasing number of couples choosing a very unique option in as far as their wedding rings; many brides are forsaking the allure of traditional gold and diamond rings, preferring instead the eco-friendly, hand-crafted appeal of wood wedding rings.

The choice can say a great deal about a couple; wood wedding rings are an assertion of eco- and social awareness, an indication of a commitment to fostering a healthier, more socially balanced world and very often the personal motivation behind this proactive and intelligent choice is as forward-thinking and unique as the couple themselves.

We’ve put together four reasons that hand-crafted wood wedding rings are a wonderful choice for your upcoming nuptials:

For the Environment

Over the past several decades society has become more and more concerned with the depletion of our planet’s natural resources, and with good reason; as we look at the planet we’re leaving to the generations who will follow it becomes clear that an eco-friendly outlook is no longer an option but an absolute necessity.

Many couples who are planning to marry and have children are only too aware of this need, and environmental sustainability is one of the most commonly cited reasons that couples give for choosing wedding rings crafted from wood.

Wedding rings in their traditional form consisting of combinations of diamonds and gold are often processed in ways that are acutely harmful to the environment; from harsh chemical processing to violent and eco-disastrous mining practices, environmentally friendly wood wedding sets are the clear option for couples who care about saving our planet.

For Humanity

The diamond industry is unfortunately one that has played an enormous role in a number of social crises throughout the world; not only have diamonds been linked to horrific wars in places like Angola and Sierra Leone, the industry is also fraught with issues such as child labour and brutal smuggling operations throughout third world countries.

As the media draws more and more attention to these diamond-related catastrophes, more couples are choosing not to support the abhorrent social practices that make the diamond industry possible and for many of these couples wooden wedding bands present a viable and stunning substitute.

After all, there is a great deal to be said for wearing your ring knowing there was no trail of carnage required in order to put it on your finger.


While many couples fall in love with the idea of the eco-friendly and humanitarian aspects of purchasing these rings, there are those who initially question the viability of the rings as far as durability.

These wedding rings are a gorgeous and elegant choice and are long-lasting and durable; they are crafted with a strong coating of waterproof acrylic which offers the wood an ultra-strong layer of protection against the hazards of day-to-day life.

Wooden rings can be worn while conducting any water-based activity from swimming and showering to washing dishes and anything else you need to do on a daily basis.


The bentwood technique is a long-standing and traditional method of wood crafting that produces high-quality, sturdy creations; the technique is used to build canoes, furniture and many other long-lasting and durable items.

Northwood rings are expertly crafted by hand using the bentwood technique, patience and intense attention to detail.

They’re made by Northwood

At Northwood we know that your wedding rings are a dynamic and vibrant symbol of the life you’re beginning together and in honour of your commitment, we’re equally devoted to ensuring a lifetime of joy each time you look at the ring on your finger.

When you purchase a Northwood ring, we offer three essential guarantees:

Care for Life: Northwood’s rings are backed by our Care for Life guarantee, which promises that at any time over your lifetime should you notice any damage or wear to your ring you can send it to us; we’ll strip the old coating, apply fresh protection and return your ring to you at no cost!

Ring Exchange: We guarantee that if at any time you require a new ring size, you can send your ring in and we’ll exchange it for you free of charge.

Replacement: Because life happens, if your ring is at any time damaged beyond repair or restoration, we’ll give you a brand new ring at 50% of your original purchase price while continuing on with the Care-for-Life guarantee.

So when you’re looking for wedding rings and need an eco-friendly, sustainable option rich in design and craftsmanship look no further than a gorgeous wood wedding ring by Northwood.

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