Finding Great And Affordable Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for an affordable engagement ring that doesn’t look as if you compromised on quality, you can find them in a variety of stores. You’ll have to know where to look for them and what you are looking for. You’ll be able to choose an engagement ring that will dazzle her and appraise for more than you paid for it.

There are a variety of ways to save on engagement rings and still have the ring be very special. Perhaps the simplest way to do this is to pass on your treasured family heirloom.


Engagement rings that were once your great grandmothers will help to carry on the tradition of a long and happy marriage. If your treasured heirloom is too small it is easy to get it resized for your new bride.

You can also save money on an engagement ring and retain high quality by choosing silver over gold for your setting. Ounce for ounce, sterling is less expansive than that of gold. Many women actually prefer silver over gold so by choosing a silver ring you’ll be adding to her treasured jewelry collection.

Another way to save is to buy the setting and the gemstone separately. If you buy the stone before you ever meet the right person you are definitely thinking ahead of things and planning. Once you have picked the setting you can then have it mounted and know that she will love it.


No one ever said that diamonds were the only way to go. There are a number of precious gems that can show you are committed. Some of the most popular options include aquamarine engagement rings, topaz engagement rings , etc. Many celebrities don’t even choose diamonds.

Often a large single diamond will be much more expensive than several smaller ones. Get a smaller stone and you can often get several and it will still look elegant and you will save a lot of money. How about a three stone engagement ring of diamonds in lieu of one single stone? You could even alternate diamonds with others gems as well and save money without compromising quality. She will love the individuality of her new ring and you will love the cost.

Selecting the best engagement ring for your lady does not have to be a difficult choice, you will find it easy when you compare it to actually asking her if she will marry you.