screen568x568favalert.com – facebook addon for spouse tracking and alert if they spend too much time on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. Almost all ages of people are the active subscriber on it. But sometimes, many people considering both male and female get addicted it due to several reasons.

It is commonly seen now a day that spouse are keep themselves busy almost all the hours on facebook without giving time to their relationship and this give rise to two questions. The first one is that, if husband or wife is getting in contact with some other important person whose value is greater than their relationship on facebook and second one is that he or she is habitual to keep themselves online and get regular update on it. Overall it creates a spam between their relationships.

The in coordination between their relations due to facebook addiction can also affect the life of their children and future as well. Simply think, when your children call out you to help him/her in homework then you just neglect it in rhythm of using facebook and this all puts negative impression of yours on your children.

How Favalert helps you

This is where favalert.com helps you. You can notice the time when your husband/wife using facebook too much. This is an early sign when of disengagement in relationship a home. With this information you can get an early notice about your partner engagement on facebook.

If this information helps you, share it among your maximum spouse friends for bending their life to a happy life!

Here is a link to website: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/fav-alert-friend-online-alert/id591655341?mt=8