Design a Wedding Ring

Mens are unbelievably lucky these days in the range of rings that are available to them these days. A decade ago, the range of rings available to men today was nothing but a pipedream. The internet and improvements in manufacturing techniques have both bought the price of mens wedding rings down, as well as the ease with which we can access them.

For example if you wanted to design a mens wedding ring in Adelaide in times gone by, you’d be absolutely paying through the nose for it. You’d be really limited in the styles that you could choose and the materials that would be available to you. Most likely you’d be limited to gold and silver, and if you were lucky, platinum.

But now if you live in Australia and you want to design your own wedding ring, the world is really your oyster. The range of materials that you can use to make your ring has never been greater. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium, Tungsten, Cobalt, Ceramic, Black Titanium are some of the choices for metals, both traditional and contemporary.



You have a choice in the quality and cost of the product, and where it is built. China has huge manufacturing plants making all manner of jewellery. Just because a ring is made in China does not automatically mean that its rubbish quality. Some of the factories in China mass produce absolute tripe at insanely low prices. But the trade off is a ring that will tarnish, break and possibly affect your health. Some of the factories in China produce brilliant products. That’s true for any manufacturing, be it bicycles, cars, electronics. Its more about the specs and the QA.

Some of these factories facilitate custom designs which has allowed a lowered price to the consumer. Generally manufacturers in Australia and the USA produce units at very high prices. But again, if you are willing to pay for it, you can get it now.

Alpha Rings has the ability to work with you and potentially help you design your own ring which can then be manufactured at a decent price. Your best bet is to think about what you want in a ring, and try and do a cad design or get a picture of the type of ring that you are interested in. If you can do that, we can tell you if it is going to be cost effective to have it produced. Then you can go to your wedding with the ring of your dreams!