Choosing the Right Equipment for Photographing a Friend’s Wedding

weddingphoThese days many couples are extremely budget conscious when it comes to planning a wedding and are choosing to direct their finances into one or two important areas of the wedding rather than splash out on every detail for the whole day. Some couples may feel that their priority is having a great car to travel in, others might want to have a lavish cake and others may feel that having a professional photographer on the day is an expense that they can’t justify. If this is the case then friends or family members are frequently asked to step in and to become the “official” photographer instead. Often the designated person will already have some camera equipment but what else might it be useful to have in the camera bag for the special day?

There are a huge number of wedding photography styles out there and even a quick search for a general term such as wedding photographer London will show a huge variety of photographers and approaches. Some will be more arty, some a bit more traditional and some will take photographs in a more news or documentary style. Whatever the style chosen it is really important to have a good quality camera and one of the most important attributes of the camera is that it doesn’t have any shutter delay. It is very difficult to take a well timed picture of a bride stepping out of a wedding car, for example, if the camera actually takes the picture half a second after the shutter is pressed!

Another really useful addition to the camera is a zoom lens or a camera that will zoom in and out. This is much more flexible than just having a fixed camera lens and will allow the photographer to quickly either get close to the action as well as to zoom out for more landscape style shots if required. A flash, preferably off camera is another fairly vital piece of kit. Most weddings go on well into the evening and it is very hard to photograph a wedding in very low light so the use of a flash is extremely important.

Just as important as the equipment on the day is the software and the computer onto which the photographer downloads the pictures after the wedding. It is vital that there are is more than one copy of such important images so a back up hard drive will be needed. Also, in terms of the images themselves some sort of editing software will be needed to enhance each of the pictures so that they look their very best.

Photographing a friend or family member’s wedding should be an exciting and fulfilling experience. With the right equipment and also the right approach there isn’t any reason why the resulting photographs shouldn’t become a fantastic reminder of the day for years to come.