Can Postnup Be A Solution If Your Marriage Doesn’t Work Out?

When two people get married, they planned to live forever. They dream about it also start planning for their future life including about their children. But it does not happened all the time. According to latest survey, it has been proved that about more than 40% marries end in divorce where the rate of divorce is much high in second and third marriages. Many couple live separate life because they don’t have enough money to go through with divorce proves and hire layer etc. A divorce or separation is not just about separation of two people but there are so many other things has been divided among partners like financial assets, who is going to take care of kids, child support, property, debt and credit etc. Due to which, one partner has to suffer after the divorce. So, it is better to sign postnup agreement.

What is postnuptial agreement?
A postnuptial or postnup agreement is a legal contract between spouses which has been signed after the marriage, in which they decide that the separation of assets, debts and other financial instruments including child support, in case of separation or divorce. Postnup agreement is sometime confused with prenup agreement where prenup agreement has been signed before marriage. Calling postnup as prenup after marriage would not be wrong because there is only difference of time between both of them.

Postnuptial Agreement is not legal separation agreement. Because legal separation only took place when spouses does not want to live together but they are bounded with each other’s assets and liabilities due to their marriage contract where in postnup agreement is planning for future in case the marriage does not work or spouses want to end their relationship with divorce or one of partner dies. With postnup agreement, you can decide about your assets and liabilities in advance. For example, spouses can write in postnup agreement that which assets should be transferred to children and which assets to spouse etc.

Postnup is solution for everyone:
As the name and nature of contract suggest that this agreement can benefits both partners. Specially if one of them already got married and have kids from previous spouse then postnup agreement could be live saving for them because in case of the death of one partner, the other partner is not the only one who will get the whole property. The property will be divide equally with previous spouse’s kid. In postnuptial contract, the person can write in advance about the separation of assets and liabilities that how the property will be divide in case of death or separation etc.

Due to increase in divorce rate year by year and legal separation agreement. Every newlywed couple should consider to sign postnup contract. In case if your spouse has kids from his/her previous spouse then postnuptial agreement is a great solution to keep your business and property safe which could be divide among other after separation, divorce or death.

Postnuptial agreement costs different in different state while there are many other things need to know about postnuptial agreement costs like type of court, layer and type of contract. So, get connected with your layer to know postnuptial agreement costs.