Bloominous is an emerging business based in Los Angeles that is revolutionizing DIY for flower decoration for their weddings, parties and events. All you need to easily DIY successfully is made available in our DIY floral kits. Our collections of flowers are designed professionally by accomplished florists. Our DIY wedding flowers are well groomed to ensure freshness. Our flowers are brought directly from the farm together with instruction videos and cards. Save time and money while you DIY with no guess work. You can also Order flowers online from Wide selection of floral arrangements. All bouquets are expertly crafted by local florists and hand-delivered to the door.

Apart from selecting a wedding dress, another reason why you would want to get married would be to make your own wedding flower. Outlined below is an easy guide for making your DIY flower. 


Step One: Purchasing flowers

  • When buying your flowers, be sure to buy more flowers than you may need so that you will not run out of flowers as you cut and take measurements.
  • Negotiate for the flowers to be delivered a day to the wedding. Some sellers may want to sell the flowers to you many days for the actual wedding date. Except you are good at preserving flowers, it will be better to receive the flowers a day before the wedding. 

Step Two: Arranging the flowers.

  • Begin by taking off all the leaves on the stem of the buds. That will make the flowers easier and neater to arrange together. I would recommend this to be done in a garden with a waste bin to be used in disposing the part of the flower that will be trimmed off.
  • For flowers like Ranunclus or Hyacinth that has a soft stem that will collapse easily, you may fix a wire within the stem to make it stand erect. Pierce the bud gently, bend the stem softly in a direction you prefer and them cut of the excess wire
  • Whenever you want to assemble your flower, begin with a foliage or greenery. Next, you add 3 stems, twist the bunch then add another three. Continue to do this so as to have a balance flower arrangement. Arrange the flowers in any particular way you feel is more beautiful.
  • When you are through with that, wrap a twine length many times round the stems to make sure they are tied together and would not get loosed. Do this with any ribbon of your choice and make sure that the twine is covered completely
  • To make the flower more beautiful, add some pearls of glass with glue to the ribbon length to produce a really gorgeous flower. After this is done, prepare your white dress, fix your hair and makeup, hold the DIY flower in your hand and walk down the aisle to get married.