Black Mica

The Great things about the Black Mica

Many people have been conscious of their overall health. Thus, some people spend more time in the gym or in exercising. However, there are also some who believes in the good things that are being provided to us by nature, in which one of it is the black mica. It is a mineral that can be commonly found in metamorphic rocks, which is composed of hydrogen, aluminium, magnesium, silicon, iron and oxygen. Its extract is said to be the one that is good for our overall health. Still, it is recommended for one to consult an expert first before taking it.

What are the uses of the black mica?

  • For purification

When its extract has been added to tap water, it has been said that it can gather all the toxins in the water, allowing them to sit in the bottom of the container. Over 200 toxins are said to be removed with its use including bacteria, heavy metals, parasites, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, viruses and so much more. The water would now not be able to absorb it. Apart from that it being able to remove toxins, it can also add mineral to the water that promotes better health for individuals.

  • For elimination

Aside from it being used for purification, it is also used for elimination. What does it mean? It only means that it is capable of eliminating the calcification from the different parts of our body including prostate, breast, lungs and even the brain. The yeast that is present from our body could also be removed through it apart from the fact that it removes the plaque in our teeth. This also means that our entire body could benefit a lot from the black mica extract.

Those two are just some of the benefits that one could get. In fact, it would also oxygenate the water or charge the structure of the micro cluster water. Apart from that, it also provided bioavailable full spectrum of minerals. Due to that, there is no wonder on as to why many people have been greatly interested in it. Moreover, companies have also decided to take advantage of its popularity in which they have made it possible for such extracts to be available in the market. With just a single treatment, one would have truly clean water. All these and more could only be enjoyed if one purchases the black mica.