Best Girl to Marry in Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Guess the Best Girl to Marry in Skyrim
The best girl to marry in skyrim could just be the best girl to marry in real life. This means the process to find that girl will remind you quite a lot on real life when it comes to finding that one girl. Before we start on who is the best girl to marry in skyrim you need to know what to do first before picking your girl otherwise, the best girl may just be Iona or even Taarie it all depends on who is your kind of girl.

First of all, you need the Amulet of Mara which is a pendant that you can buy from Maramel found at the Temple of Mara or Bard or at the bee for 200 gold. You can also find the pendant in a chest found at the start off the main quest line in the Bleak falls barrow or in a tent on the beach of North of Dawnstar, or you can just loot it from Kematu in Swindler’s den. Now that there are all these tips on how to get the pendant, it is wisdom to consider the first option of buying it for 200 gold because you do not want to go through the process of having to loot it in the Swindler’s den or in a chest.

The second part is known as “wooing” where dialogue options are only opened after you have completed the quest that are related to the NPC you want to marry. You also get to tell the best girl to marry in skyrim that without her life is meaningless or you make your proposal. After that, you should head to the Temple of Mara in Riften followed by a journey to Maramal where you will be planning your wedding. The next step is to wait for 24 hours for you to meet your bride down the aisle where you will have the option of backing out of which is not a good idea. After being a brave man and accepting to go on with the wedding you will get an enchanted wedding ring then head back to your preferred home. Your preferred home with is the one you have chosen to live with your bride.

The most beautiful part when it comes getting married is that you will get 100 gold every day which totals to 2,200, your wife will cook for you so that you can get that energy and stamina to face the day. Most importantly, you will get up to 15% upgrades within 8 hours. The best girl to marry in skyrim happens to be Lydia according to various ratings.

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