Advice for couples booking a wedding photographer

Ok I admit I may be biased, seeing as I am a wedding photographer myself, but I think there’s another good reason why I’m qualified to give advice on this subjects. You see it was only 3 years ago that I got married myself, so I know from experience how difficult it can be to get the right photographer. Anyway, here are some top tips on getting it right:

1. Set a realistic budget – A lot of couples set aside tens of thousands of pounds (or dollars) for a stunning wedding venue, and for catering. And yet, when it comes to their wedding photography they look to scrimp and save, and put aside maybe only 300 pounds. Here’s a reality check- your photos are the one thing you really get to keep from your big day, so it’s worth investing in. That said, if you are on a tight budget for your whole wedding you may not want to spend thousands on your photography. My point is this- get the balance and priorities right. If you have very little money to spend on photography it may be better to book an emerging, talented photographer with little experience. The more experienced, low cost photographers aren’t, in most cases, that good.

  • 2. Create a shortlist – by all means, spend a lot of time researching photographers online. This will give you a reasonable understanding of the quality of their work. From this I would suggest creating a shortlist of 2 or 3 photographers that you should then meet in person.

3. Meet the shortlisted photographers – I would never advise someone to book a photographer without meeting them first. Yes, they may be the most talented photographers you have ever met, but what if you don’t like them? Believe me, its very important that you actually get on with, and feel comfortable around your photographers, otherwise it will show in the photos themselves.

4. Trust your instincts– finally I would advise you to go with your gut instincts. If you love a photographer’s work, and you like them as a person, then you have no reason not to book them.


I hope these words of advice will help you in your quest to find the perfect photographer for your wedding. Remember to trust your instincts and to place the right amount of importance on photography in your budget. Good luck!

About Matt

Matt is a wedding photographer based in London, UK. He runs Foden Photography alongside his wife Brenda.


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