15 Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding are a memorable lifelong event. The best way to keep the memories alive is by ensuring that you have outstanding photo collection to keep those memories intact in the long-term. To meet this objective, the following tips will help you get the best out of a wedding photograph session.

1. Wear comfy shoes

As a photographer, you are bound to be up and about during the entire session. Comfort is not to be compromised. You are not a part of the session but you need to make every part of the session count. Comfy shoes are an asset that will help you remain comfortable and you will not tire fast either.


2. Change lenses as expressions change

Up-close photos can cause tension to the bride and groom. To ensure that you get them in a relaxed mood, pick longer lenses and take the ideal photos.

3. Maintaining the white on the bride’s dress

Color is important to every couple. Ensure that you capture the right colors considering that a color theme was picked. Use positive exposure compensation as it makes color appear, as it should.

4. Get the names

Other than the bride and groom, ensure you also have the best man’s and best lady’s number. They are as important in the ceremony as well. This will avoid missing out on the important people.

5. Have a backup on equipment

Equipment and technology may fail from time to time. You cannot be too sure. In this, you need backup to avoid missing some sessions trying to fix your equipment in case of any faults or missus. This also applies for a backup battery.

6. Have a backup photographer too

It may not be possible to be at all places at all times. To capture all the important sessions, a second photographer comes in handy.

7. Do not miss to pay attention to the couples and their siblings

These are the most important members in the wedding reception. This is the direct family and the best thing would be to make them part of the center attraction.

8. Ensure you have enough memory

It is not that all photos you take will be a part of the album. However, you need as many so you can select the best. In this, ensure that memory is sufficient.

9. Do not intrude

As much as you are trying to capture every moment, do not get in the way of the wedding ceremony. You will only get clumsy photos.

10. Exercise patience

It is not about the number of photos but about quality. In this, do not concentrate on how many you are taking but on how many are of quality.

11. Arrive before the actual wedding to have a glimpse of the venue first

Understanding the landscape is important to help you get around during the session without stepping on other guests toes.

12. Do not be too strict

The fun moments count for every wedding, do not try to arrange everyone during the session. The photos will look forged.

13. Allow kids be, they are kids!

Kids have a way of spicing up events. In this, do not try to get rid of them during the ceremony. They may just make every moment count.

14. Stay calm

Do not expect anyone to remain calm if you cannot. It is easier to motivate others if you are motivated.

15. Carry along an emergency wedding kit

This kit includes accessories that may come in handy. These include pins, tape, stain remover etc. You will feel like a hero at the end of the session.