What are Certified Loose Diamonds?

Basically, loose diamonds are diamonds, which are not attached or has been set to any piece of jewelry. The brilliance and natural beauty of loose diamonds are marvelous while being less expensive than the diamonds set in jewelries, making it really popular to be used in numerous ways nowadays.


A certificate for a loose diamond is in fact its blueprint. It is as well known as the diamond dossier or diamond grading report. Whenever you purchase loose diamonds, it is imperative to ask the retailer to give you a Grading Certificate for it. This certificate precisely points out the facets and characteristics of the stone such as the cut, quality, measurement and weight. It is as well the proof of the value and identity of a diamond.

Besides, a certified loose diamond also attests that the diamond you have purchased is all natural and not man-made or synthetic. This will authenticate your purchase and guarantee that you have not been swindled. Additionally, once you choose to sell the loose diamonds later in time, it is essential to have this certificate for a prospective buyer will demand for this.

However, a certificate is never the same as an appraisal. A certificate illustrates the diamond quality but does not place any monetary value onto the gem. Yes, the certificate might aide to identify the market value of a diamond but it will never give an appraisal.

There are lots of diamonds grading labs, which can make the grading report for loose diamonds. Various labs have a variety of grading standards and some of them are indeed strict in terms of grading. When you are buying certified loose diamonds, make certain that the diamond certification comes from a third-party lab instead of an untrue certificate made by the jeweler, diamond store or wholesaler, who may supply an unfair opinion in order to facilitate a sale. Verify if the third-party lab has a good history on strict diamond grading practices and if they have been in business long enough to acquire a strong reputation in the diamond grading industry.

Various Uses of Loose Diamonds

Today, more than ever, loose diamonds are used in numerous ways. They can be displayed in a window case to impress visitors. They can be incorporated into earrings, rings, and necklaces or to any piece of jewelry you want. Some even simply keep the diamond inside their purse, pocket or handbag as a lucky charm. If you are creative, the possibilities for loose diamonds are endless. You can even design exceptionally beautiful jewelries of your own.

What You Need to Know When Shopping for Loose Diamonds

When shopping for loose diamonds, make sure to have an informed knowledge about them. Always remember about the 4C: Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. The shape of the diamond should as well flatter your hand.

It is always safe to do shopping in stores who present report for each loose diamond they sell and to ensure the authenticity of the gem. You can compare a diamond with a certain quality and weight with other loose diamonds of the same quality and weight to identify which has better value.

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