Want A Great Wedding Gift Idea? Get Them A Vacuum


If you’re not going to give someone cash for their wedding, then get them something that they can use in their home. If that’s the case, there are few better options than giving a vacuum cleaner as a wedding gift. Whether it be a canister vacuum, a robot vacuum, or a pet hair vacuum, everyone that lives in either an apartment or home needs a vacuum, whether they realize it or not!

There are two major types of vacuum cleaners, uprights and canisters. There are significant differences between these types. The most obvious is that you push an upright and pull a canister.

Uprights generally have a revolving brush roll to provide agitation and may have one motor that provides the suction and also turns the agitator or it may have two motors, one to provide suction and one to drive the brush. Upright vacuum cleaners excel at cleaning synthetic (nylon, olefin or polyester) carpeting and many also have the ability to turn off the revolving brush for cleaning smooth floors.

A canister vacuum cleaner has a base unit that contains the vacuum motor, dust bag and filter system. There are three types of canister vacuum cleaners. All three are used with a hose, wands and attachments. The difference is in the attachments.
Canisters may utilize a revolving brush like uprights in a cleaning tool known as a power head or power nozzle.

So pick one of those two vacuums as your next wedding gift, and your bride and groom will definitely be grateful!