Pergamonde Wedding Invitations

Although there are lots of different wedding invitations available, none of them can be compared to the uniqueness of handmade wedding invitations.

The ageless vintage and elegance of handmade wedding invitations is more popular in this digital age than in medieval times.

A good reason for the popularity of handmade wedding invitation is due to the uniqueness of its design. You can be sure of having a personalized design which will most likely not be duplicated by mass-produced cards.

Handmade paper invitations offers couples the opportunity to personalize every aspect of the invitation, from the colors to be features, paper to be used and the embellishments to apply.


There are countless ideas on the internet that can help with this process. Whether you pay a professional wedding stationer to produce them or you choose to hand-craft your own, will depend on factors such as: time, budget, complexity of the design and access to the required resources. Whichever way you finally settle for, there are choices that need to be made when it has to do with the design of a handmade paper invitation. Firstly, the weight, texture and size of the paper which needs to be considered. The paper material should be thick and light at the same time.

Sizes which should be considered include DL, square, A5 etc. After this has been determined, the design element of the card can then be considered. This will involve deciding on what embellishments (if any) should be used on the card, what font to use and where the invitation text will be placed.


The fact that each of the cards has been manually produced with love, speaks volume to the guests about how much time and effort that has been invested in preparation for your wedding.

Pergamonde designs luxury, elegant and unique custom stationery and handmade wedding card. They offer awesome, handmade wedding invitations for couples planning their wedding ceremony.

You can visit their website here:

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