Proposal Planner in New York City

November 23, 2015 by admin

Proposing to your significant other in search of a lifetime of happiness is not a small thing. That is why it makes sense that you make your proposal day as amazing as you humanly can.
However, if you decide to everything yourself, things may go south quite easily. So, you may want to trust a professional proposal planner NYC agency, like Proposal 007, that truly knows how to make your proposal day the most wonderful day of your life.

Pick a custom plan
Every proposal must be unique, and the team at Proposal 007 understands it. That is the reason why you can have your own custom plan detailed out for you. In order to get the same, all you have to do is answer some personal questions about your relationship status with your significant other and then wait for customized plans based on your answers. You can choose from three different custom ideas presented to you. There are specific plans you can pick from, as well, like proposal in Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park proposal and Times Square proposal!


Make the day memorable
Savouring the good memories of your big day is important. Keeping that in mind, the proposal planner NYC agency gives you the option to liven things up, by choosing an excellent photographer or videographer to capture your moments. You can have everything captured, from the morning of your proposal day to the actual proposal, and everything in between and after.

Enjoy a stress-free ride
The thing that makes Proposal 007 a great marriage proposal planning agency is its dedication toward making everything perfect and stress-free for you. When you trust the agency, you need not worry about a single thing. For example, small chores like buying the perfect flowers, picking the right venue, or getting the best appetizers, need not bother you. Everything is taken care of for you, in order to make your day as special and relaxed as possible. You are even designated your own personal planner for the day, to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Other than that, the agency also takes care of any car rental needs that may arise.
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Should You Use Two Wed to Make Your Wedding Fun and Memorable?

November 17, 2015 by admin

In today’s world, internet promises to change the face of most things, and that includes wedding. Now, with the help of a web-based service called Two Wed, you can make your wedding all the more special and unique.

What is Two Wed?

Based in Canada, Two Wed is an interactive web platform that aspires to blend the auspiciousness of your wedding with the latest technology. Helping you bring your friends and family members together with the help of your own personalized wedding website, Two Wed makes sure that your wedding feels like one truly taking place in the 21st century!


Features the site offers

Two Wed gives you a number of different features to make your wedding memorable. First, the site lets you pick an amazing theme for your website. Second, it allows you to personalize your wedding web address the way you want to. Third, it lets you integrate your social life, in order to prevent your site from being isolated. Additionally, Two Wed offers you some other very helpful features, too.


Using the site to maximize fun

One of the main goals behind the creation of Two Wed has been maximizing wedding fun, and one way the site achieves that is by letting you harness the power of social media. You can link your Facebook account with your wedding website, for instance; and also, you can link your Twitter account. When your social media accounts are linked to your wedding website, other members can interact with you either indirectly via the social media site, or directly via your personal wedding site. Other than that, you can add wedding photos and maps to enhance fun a bit more, too.

Two Wed and convenience

Two Wed and convenience go hand in hand. The site lets you upload your guest list using a single excel file and send a personalized invitation to each and everyone. It also enables you and your guests to interact in real-time. Other than that, you are given the choice of spreading the word about your big day in your native tongue.

Should you use it?

Yes, you very much should! Given that you are granted unlimited access to every single wonderful Two Wed feature for a mere one-time-fee of $29.95, and that there is a 30-day free trial period to top it off, there is absolutely no reason why you should not give the service a try.

Two Wed Website:

Choosing a Band for your Wedding

August 21, 2015 by admin

Your wedding or event is something that does not normally happen very often in your life and so it is beneficial to make out some time to ensure that the occasion turns out to be a memorable one not just for the couple to be wedded but also for all the guests that will be in attendance. Research has proven that a much more memorable and involved experience is created by a live band than a DJ especially when you want to carry your guest along as regards the occasion.


Here are a few tips on choosing a band for your wedding that will make the event a memorable one.

1. Find out how many musicians are in the band and whether they have a vocalist. A typical wedding band in UK has about 5 members: vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass and drums, and this will be enough to cover your wedding. Anything more than that, you will have to pay more.

2. Make sure that they can play the songs you want. An experienced band will have the most popular songs and should also have a variety of songs to offer you.

3. A good wedding band will have video and audio samples of previous events and weddings. Watch the video and observe if the guest are pleased with the music.

If you are planning a function event or a wedding in London, you have to ensure that you get the entertainment aspect right. London is a city that never sleeps; hence it is imperative that your function band London is in order to begin the party and to entertain your guest all through the day until morning. There are lots of options to consider when you are in need of event entertainers for functions and weddings in London and you have to reach a decision concerning your expectations about them, what will suit your theme and style and where they will fit in your day.

Planning your wedding and choosing a quality tent rental company

July 20, 2015 by admin

Tent rental companies differ in designs, sizes and shapes depending on the event you are organizing. Because the design, sizes and shapes vary, the prices also vary too, therefore ensure that you have the right budget for tent rentals to enable you choose the right tent as you plan for your wedding.

However, despite the price, you need to make sure that the tent rental company you choose to hire is of good quality and will deliver in time for your event. There are different designs for you to choose from including frame tents, canopy tents and even small pop up tents that is suitable for small events. You need to look around the city for the right tent rental company that will provide the right tent for your wedding to make your event very special.

A very good thing you can get from tent rental companies is that when it comes to decorating, you can put your creativity to practice. You can choose the colors to be used on the wide space in front of you and you can make a choice of lighting that will depict the mood you want to create. For instance if you want your event to have an intimate atmosphere, you can use lanterns and low lights as well as Christmas lights for the event.

Using tent rental companies for your wedding will surely make your event a special one that your guests will definitely appreciate. It does not only display elegance but tents are also a way a transforming your event to an extraordinary occasion.

The quality of tent used in your event plays a major role in determining the success of your wedding. Having a good information about your tent rental company and how they do business will assist you in choosing a company that meets your expectations and wedding requirements.



Here are some information you need:
Customer satisfaction:

If previous customers are satisfied with the service of a tent rental company you want to consider, chances are you will be satisfied as well.

Rental Period:

In some cases it is helpful to begin construction of the tent days before an event and sometimes unforeseen circumstances may hinder the timely removal of the tents. Hence it is a good thing to allow for some lapses in the time factor in your rental agreement to accommodate such circumstances.

Terms and Conditions:

As part of your due diligence procedure, you need to have a full understanding of the terms and conditions in the agreement you will sign with the tent rental company you choose. These legal terms can have impact on your final invoice and guide very important aspects of the services provided by the company.


There are likely to be many legal points in the terms and conditions of a tent rental agreement that addresses responsibilities for damages whenever they happen, how they occur and whose assets are damaged. Get your insurance representative or risk manager involved in this analysis to guarantee that no gaps are left which might expose you to unnecessary liabilities.

For quality tent rental company check: Advantage Tent & Party Rental Covington

Finding the right wedding band

June 15, 2015 by admin

When searching for the right musical entertainment to complement your wedding day it’s important to consider the following questions:

Are they any good? Hiring a live act for your big day is about more than just the music it’s also about the entertainment and atmosphere the right act will supply. It’s important to ensure you take your time to watch and listen before choosing the right act for you.


A good live act will have invested in their promotional material; this should include recorded tracks and live video footage of them in action making it easy to pick the right band for the right day. Researching possible acts on the internet may provide you with testimonials from previous clients.

How much will they cost? Without the need for travel expenses local bands are always cheaper, however restricting yourself to the immediate area will always limit your options when finding the right band, cheap isn’t always best. Cost can vary for other factors also, for example the number of performers, or how elaborate

How long will they play? Most live bands play 2-3 sets for 45 minutes per set. During the gaps the act isn’t performing they will often supply some background music. Having a DJ at hand to fill the gaps is always something to consider.

What type of band will get your guests up on their feet? Most acts list comprehensive repertoires of the tracks they perform, helping you to narrow down your search. You may some acts are themed, or specialise in a certain music style so picking one that will suit your event and audience is key.

Hireourliveband can assist by listing many of the UK’s top bands for hire as well as offering free friendly helpful advice.


Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal

June 12, 2015 by admin

Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal Suresh is on the breakfast table. He says that it is very difficult to have a meeting with Meena and it is good that Sharadha is not meeting her. Sharadha comes there wearinf a beautiful saree, but suresh got angry. Her daughter also started threatening her for meeting Meena. She says that Meena is a very big business and she gets emotional very easily and scolds everyone without any reason. Suresh asks Sharadha if she really wants to meet Meena. She says yes. Then he told her that she should be dressed in a proper way. Karthik and Sakshi congratulates her and happy for Sharadha. Sharadha went to change her dress and Sakshi followed her and says that the saree she is wearing was beautiful. Sharadha tells Sakshi that she knows her plan for making her to go alone to meet Meena. Sharadha took some saree designs and leaves her home.

Sharadha is travelling in her car, while going she practices herself to talk to Meena. She got an idea to talk to Sakshi to get some idea on how to behave in front of Meena. Sakshi encourages her to talk to Meena boldly.

Sharadha came to Meena’s office and she was standing in the reception to meet Meena. That time Meena herself came there and talk to Sharadha and took her to the cabin where she sits. Sharadha was surprised to see her. She greets her. Meena wants her to show the saree designs. She was impressed and she gave an order for her daughter’s wedding. Sharadha was so happy and she couldn’t tell the price for the wedding saree. So Meena gave her the blank cheque to her and asks her to fill the amount once the amount is finalized. Read the rest of this entry »

Last Chance

June 12, 2015 by admin

One school of love, Melina and William met, their story began well, first kiss at the bus stop, aw Los Hermanos sho to seal the union … After a few requests from William Melina gave a chance.

Girl, look what I wrote you
It takes strength to dream and realize
The road goes beyond what you see
Alem do Que Se Vê – Los Hermanos (Brazilian Singer)

Craft Stories…Endeavoring to Make Your Wedding an Occasion to Remember for Decades to Come!

May 29, 2015 by admin

Each couple desires to have a wedding which is special, momentous and memorable; a wonderful time to celebrate love and share with family and friends.

This is a moment which does not just encompass the happiness they are experiencing, but also narrates their story in a manner that visitors will remember at all times.

However, it is not just enough to have a great day; you need to capture each special moment on either video or camera. These mementos should then be stored safely for future reference.

To this end, Craft Stories strives to assist the wedding couple to tell their unique story using the most beautiful and unique wedding photo albums.

They provide wonderful wedding invitations as well, to leave a lasting impression with your visitors!

Great Products on Offer at Craft Stories

At Craft Stories, they offer a huge variety of items to cater for every taste and need, so that you can have unique products to facilitate the wedding of your dreams.

Some of them are:

  • Rustic wedding visitors’ book which is personalized.

  • Ring bearer box (rustic).

  • A photo album or wooden guestbook with hearts.

  • An elegant lace visitor’s book.




Unique Photo Albums

At Craft Stories, they offer a huge variety of photo albums to cater for every taste and need, so that you can store the special moments captured and store them well, for future reference.

Their huge range of photo albums, which are not only handy but absolutely beautiful as well, offer you a chance to treasure the wonderful memories of your wedding, by keeping your pictures safe.

Some of them are:

  • A photo album or guestbook made from wood, with starfish.

This is a tailored guest book and can be used as a most ideal gift during the bridal shower. This item is made by hand and the materials used to create it are paper, wood, burlap and starfish.


  • Linen and Lace Wedding Album or Guest Book

This lovely wedding album has a covering of linen material. It is adorned with attractive lace and a bouquet which is made by hand. It is ideal for a wedding full of romance! This product is handmade using paper, lace, binding rings, gauze, linen material and satin ribbon.

  • Wooden Guestbook with cotton lace and burlap

This lovely item can be used as a photo album if you choose the option with bulky sheets, that is, 25 sheets or 50 pages of blank and plain ivory papers, of 250 grams. This is an attractive product made by hand using paper, lace, wood and burlap.

  • Hand Made Photo Album

This is a small and fashionable photo album which is hand- made. It is decorated with bookbinding material. It has an integration of colors which is extremely pleasant, complementing the pearls and satin ribbon, of high quality.


Invite Your Guests in a Fashionable Manner to your Wedding!

Script Wedding Invitation

This is a traditional wedding invitation which is classic and sophisticated. It has a stylish script font. It is presented in black ink, whose belly band is mint. It can however be specialized to whatever color you desire.

Traditional Wedding Invitation

This wedding invitation is a simple one that will inform your visitors of your impending wedding with elegant simplicity. Script can be available in various colors as well as font options.

Pocket Friendly Rates

The prices for the lovely wedding albums and invitations they have are affordable for all.

Their main aim is to ensure that each of the moment you capture on camera, is stored in a safe manner to make sure you can refer comfortably in future.  They also strive to provide unique invitations which will have an impact!

Visit their shop today and they guarantee that you will have a method of storing your precious wedding photos in a secure manner for years to come and impress your visitors with lovely wedding invitations!

Visit them at:

Pergamonde Wedding Invitations

May 23, 2015 by admin

Although there are lots of different wedding invitations available, none of them can be compared to the uniqueness of handmade wedding invitations.

The ageless vintage and elegance of handmade wedding invitations is more popular in this digital age than in medieval times.

A good reason for the popularity of handmade wedding invitation is due to the uniqueness of its design. You can be sure of having a personalized design which will most likely not be duplicated by mass-produced cards.

Handmade paper invitations offers couples the opportunity to personalize every aspect of the invitation, from the colors to be features, paper to be used and the embellishments to apply.


There are countless ideas on the internet that can help with this process. Whether you pay a professional wedding stationer to produce them or you choose to hand-craft your own, will depend on factors such as: time, budget, complexity of the design and access to the required resources. Whichever way you finally settle for, there are choices that need to be made when it has to do with the design of a handmade paper invitation. Firstly, the weight, texture and size of the paper which needs to be considered. The paper material should be thick and light at the same time.

Sizes which should be considered include DL, square, A5 etc. After this has been determined, the design element of the card can then be considered. This will involve deciding on what embellishments (if any) should be used on the card, what font to use and where the invitation text will be placed.


The fact that each of the cards has been manually produced with love, speaks volume to the guests about how much time and effort that has been invested in preparation for your wedding.

Pergamonde designs luxury, elegant and unique custom stationery and handmade wedding card. They offer awesome, handmade wedding invitations for couples planning their wedding ceremony.

You can visit their website here:

Heirloom or Moth Food? Your Wedding Gown’s Fate Is Up to You

May 21, 2015 by admin

You will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. It’s a huge, life-changing event, and most women like to save souvenirs from it to help them revisit those incredible moments whenever they’d like, for the rest of their lives…

…until the day comes when they open the container in which they’ve stashed the dress, only to make the distressing discovery that it has been damaged, or even destroyed. Careful wedding dress storage is absolutely essential if you want to protect your investment and keep your beautiful gown in the family for your daughter or daughter-in-law to enjoy. In this way, you can keep the love and the memories of your joyous union alive within the family.



Don’t just clean your dress and hide it away in a brown box or a plastic bag. The passage of time will take its toll on gowns that are not properly cared for. It is important to take precautions to ensure that mold, mildew, and moths can’t besiege your cherished garment. Hiring a professional service provider for preservation and wedding dress storage is the best route to take in order to ensure a dress’s longevity. You don’t want to simply haul it off to the nearest dry cleaning spot, even if they do claim to be able to clean your dress. For something this important, you’ll want to work with specialists.


There are a couple of different methods that can be used to clean your wedding dress, which is the first step in preservation and storage. The gown can be washed using a wet cleaning method, which simply means that it is professionally washed by hand, using gentle cleansers. It can also be dry-cleaned using traditional methods and spot treatments, if needed.
Many experts use a combination of these two methods, washing the hemline by hand, then spot-treating the gown with wet cleaners, and finishing the process by dry cleaning. This is the best method available, so make sure your service provider takes each of these steps to preserve your gown.


It’s crucial to invest in a wedding dress storage container that was specifically designed to keep your gown free of moth holes, insects, light damage, mold/mildew and wrinkles. Both boxes and bags are available on the market, and which one you choose depends on how you plan to store your gown. A storage box will give you more flexibility throughout the years than bags, as they can be stored just about anywhere without sacrificing the overall integrity of the dress. However, if you are certain that your gown will hang in the closet for the remainder of its life, a bag is the best investment, because it will prevent wrinkles from forming where the dress is folded. Read the rest of this entry »