Wedding Dresses

April 26, 2017 by admin

You need to look totally amazing on your big day, so picking the correct wedding dress is critical. Regardless of whether you are going for a customary white outfit or for an option style, you need a dress that suits you and exhibits your excellence. Numerous ladies feel overpowered at the possibility of selecting a dress. With such a variety of styles and broadly changing costs, it can appear to be overwhelming to locate that immaculate dress for you. Like with numerous things for your wedding, picking the correct dress includes cautious arranging, thought of your individual taste and breaking points, and tolerance while you search for that extraordinary dress that makes you sparkle.

Pick an A-line fit for a pear-shape or apple-shape. A standout amongst the most imperative parts of the dress is the fit. Before you go shopping, you ought to make sense of what fit you are searching for. In the event that you have a little bust and shapely thighs and hips, consider an A-line fit.

Pick a steady dress for a shapely body sort. In the event that you have an expansive bust, you will need a fit that is steady on top. You ought to consider a dress with boning or with an implicit bodice. This sort of fit will give you the shape you need and will keep any incidents on your big day!

Pick a dress that makes verticality for petite body sorts. Evade any dresses that have any sort of level enumerating like beading or striping. Concentrate rather on finding a dress that has vertical components like a diving neck area, vertical framing or vertical embellishments.

Pick a sheath or flared dress for long and slender body sorts. On the off chance that you are thin and tall, you may either need to highlight your statuesque constitution, or you might need to pick a dress that makes bends. Contingent upon how you feel exclusively, pick either a sheath dress that takes after the long straight type of your body, or a flared dress like a mermaid cut that makes bends and separates your body.

You may even buy your perfect wedding dress online! Our favourite website is which really makes amazing dresses. Of course, you will not believe us and I don’t blame you as buying wedding dresses online may be something uncommon.

However, we can assure you that the dresses you will see by clicking the link above are much better than what you may see in stores.

Wedding car with a difference

February 12, 2017 by admin

Most people will only get married once. So when it comes to their wedding day, they want transport that is going to stand out. Brides wants something that is elegant and classy, not the typical everyday car they would drive around in. She is going to want something that is going to wow her guests when she arrives at the ceremony and also after she is married with her newlywed husband.

Typically a popular choice for brides is to hire a vintage car from a hire company. 1930s appears to be a particularly favoured era, with brides opting for cars such as Badsworth Landaulette or maybe a 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom.

Some brides however prefer to go for a modern look when arriving on her special day, therefore they often prefer to turn up in a limousine. Some wedding hire companies also offer a range of colours for the blushing ride and can even offer pink limousines for brides to turn up in, certainly car with a difference.

However what about the groom? A lot of grooms now want to turn up to their wedding with sophistication too. As a result its becoming more popular for grooms to also hire transport to take him and his best man to the ceremony. A wedding day sports car can be a great way for grooms to also share the wow factor on his wedding day. There are various wedding hire cars across the UK offering sports car hire for the special day. One particularly recommended is Prestige Car Hire based in Cardiff. Although based in Cardiff, they offer their cars to newlyweds nationwide across the UK. They offer top of the range Porches as well Range Rovers for weddings. This would be a great wow factor for guests if the groom was to turn up in a Porsche Panamera Turbo S.

By hiring a sports car for their wedding day, grooms also have the option of self-drive as well as having a chauffeur to drive you to the wedding. This is very likely to appeal to grooms, especially if they have a dream of owning a Porsche or Ferrari. This will give them that dream come true for the day, and what better way than to do it on your wedding day!


How to find a wedding photographer in Mumbai

September 19, 2016 by admin

There are many wedding photographers out there and picking one that will deliver according to your expectations can be a daunting task. After all so much is at stake and you want pictures that you will hold dear for a lifetime. We have a quick coffee with wedding photography specialists Flgroe Studios in Mumbai to hear their tips on finding that perfect wedding photographer-

1. Decide your style – What kind of pictures appeal most to you? Is candid / documentary your style? Or do you like portraiture – more classic style of photography where subjects are posed? Do you want something conventional? Would you let the photographer experiment with fine art? There are no rights or wrongs, just individual preferences.


2. Do your market research – There are literally hundreds of photographers out there. Look at local listings, social media and ask around! Don’t just go with a reference from one source. Carry out your own investigation. Check their social media accounts to see what they’ve been working on lately. Read feedback on their posts.

3. Fix interviews – You and your potential photographer need to meet at least once before finalization. This benefits both parties as they develop an understanding of each other and expectations for the outcome are set.

4. Ask to see complete wedding albums – Making your decision based on viewing one stellar image each from different weddings is a very dangerous idea. Look for a photographer that displays complete albums on their website. Or ask to see at least a few albums if not so.

5. Review pictures carefully – Look past what the bride is wearing or how beautiful the décor is. Look into the quality of the image. Are subjects adequately lit? Is the focus proper? Has the photographer made use of ‘filters’ to cover up any shortfalls?

6. Make sure you are compatible with your photographer – you should be able to openly communicate with your photographer. You should also feel free enough to pose for the camera with them. This is not the time to hesitate.

7. Compare packages – ask the photographers you have shortlisted to send you quotations for the complete coverage of your wedding events. Insist on breakdowns to see if you can adjust the quote by adjusting your requirements. While comparing the lump sum quotes, do ask the photographer who has quoted more about what they are offering in addition to the other wedding photographer.

8. Discuss the fine print – This will usually be a set standard for any photographer. But make sure you know what are the various deliverables and the due dates.

-Special thanks to Flgroe Studios, Mumbai.

Why Portugal Is A Good Place to Get Married

May 2, 2016 by admin

Portugal is the best place within Europe, which is considered the best place to get married. Among of its good reasons is that it is just one flight away from UK and Ireland and you will find lots of beaches in Algarve. As time passes by, this place has been a common option for weddings and honeymoons and that is why it is one of the most wedding destinations by lovely couples.

Portugal is the best option for you to make your dream come true. You will find lots of good locations that is preferred in your taste. This place will offer you amazing oceanfront, which is great for wedding venues and impressive beaches to celebrate your dream beach wedding with your beloved one. It is a welcoming place for people who want to fall in love over and over again. Another great reason why you consider this place as your wedding destination is that you will find lots of professional wedding planners that will help make your wedding do come true.


All you have to do is choose the right one for you, one that will bring life to your wedding. They will be your partner when it comes to executing, designing and conceptualizing your wedding. They will ensure that they will make every detail perfect in your wedding, ensuring that it will become memorable for all your guests who will witness your wedding ceremony.

With these exceptional services, you will have wonderful experience that you can share with your friends and family. You will be provided with wedding packages that ensures that your wedding will become efficient and smooth when it comes to the planning process. Everything will be arranged and executed by professionals and will take all your stress away.

Choosing Portugal as your wedding destination will ensure that it will suit in your budget. Most of the wedding planes will provide you everything you need and will guide you until the end of the wedding process. There are lots of reasons why you should choose Portugal to be your dream wedding destination.

Therefore, if you are in need for professional wedding planner, you can opt to Algarve Wedding Planners and their experienced best wedding packages they will offer you the best wedding experience, as they know better than anyone that your wedding is the best event in your life. To learn more about their services, you may visit for more information.

Tips to choosing Wedding Sparklers

February 19, 2016 by admin

The use of sparklers and personalised sparkler tags especially at weddings seems to be increasing by the day and the reason for this is obvious. They do not only add more fun to the event, they also bring some magic to it, even as the wedding looks unique especially when the sparklers are used at night. Sparklers can be used in several forms and places during a wedding ceremony. While some persons would use sparklers at the entry, others love to use sparklers during the first dance, or even at the exit. Regardless of where and when they are used, your guests are surely going to remember your wedding for a long time to come if the sparklers are used appropriately.


Below are some factors to be considered when using sparklers at wedding ceremonies.


This is probably the first and most important of all the factors to be considered as you want to ascertain whether the most appropriate place to use the sparklers. It is even more important as some venues are prohibited from using sparklers in some areas.


It is always advised that invited guests are informed of the use of light sparklers during the wedding ceremony. This is particularly important to avoid the use of random sparklers by your guests, which could ruin your plan of using the sparklers considering that some of your guests might want to be adventurous.


It is worth noting that not everybody can properly make use of sparklers and considering the accidents that could occur as a result of the wrong use of sparklers, it is important that everyone that would be using the sparklers is educated on the preventive measures that should be taken to avoid accidents.


It is essential to provide the necesary tools needed to light the sparklers. This could either be matches or lighters depending on your discretion. You however want to ensure that the provided matches or lighters are enough to cater to all invited persons that will be using the sparklers.

In addition to the tool needed to light the sparklers, you also need a place to put off the sparklers once the guests are through with lighting up the event. Buckets of sand will be very helpful in this instance.


You do not want your photographer missing this session or failing to capture the moments properly. It is therefore important to inform your photographer of the use of sparklers to enable him prepare adequately for the session.

More info at:

Can Postnup Be A Solution If Your Marriage Doesn’t Work Out?

February 8, 2016 by admin

When two people get married, they planned to live forever. They dream about it also start planning for their future life including about their children. But it does not happened all the time. According to latest survey, it has been proved that about more than 40% marries end in divorce where the rate of divorce is much high in second and third marriages. Many couple live separate life because they don’t have enough money to go through with divorce proves and hire layer etc. A divorce or separation is not just about separation of two people but there are so many other things has been divided among partners like financial assets, who is going to take care of kids, child support, property, debt and credit etc. Due to which, one partner has to suffer after the divorce. So, it is better to sign postnup agreement.

What is postnuptial agreement?
A postnuptial or postnup agreement is a legal contract between spouses which has been signed after the marriage, in which they decide that the separation of assets, debts and other financial instruments including child support, in case of separation or divorce. Postnup agreement is sometime confused with prenup agreement where prenup agreement has been signed before marriage. Calling postnup as prenup after marriage would not be wrong because there is only difference of time between both of them.

Postnuptial Agreement is not legal separation agreement. Because legal separation only took place when spouses does not want to live together but they are bounded with each other’s assets and liabilities due to their marriage contract where in postnup agreement is planning for future in case the marriage does not work or spouses want to end their relationship with divorce or one of partner dies. With postnup agreement, you can decide about your assets and liabilities in advance. For example, spouses can write in postnup agreement that which assets should be transferred to children and which assets to spouse etc.

Postnup is solution for everyone:
As the name and nature of contract suggest that this agreement can benefits both partners. Specially if one of them already got married and have kids from previous spouse then postnup agreement could be live saving for them because in case of the death of one partner, the other partner is not the only one who will get the whole property. The property will be divide equally with previous spouse’s kid. In postnuptial contract, the person can write in advance about the separation of assets and liabilities that how the property will be divide in case of death or separation etc. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Plan a Wedding Anniversary Party

February 3, 2016 by admin

Wedding anniversaries are not only for the couples and their loved ones to celebrate the day the knot was tied, they also serve as a platform to reignite the fire of love as couples would usually reaffirm their vows to each other, look back at the years they have spent with each other and be grateful and thankful. While some couples would rather have a dinner to celebrate the anniversary, others would like to go all out to throw a party. Regardless of the form of celebration, every couple loves to remember the day they got married.

Throwing a party for a wedding anniversary involves quite a lot especially as you want to make the anniversary just as special and memorable as your wedding day. Thanks to the internet and the different resources available on it, couples can draw idea from others and even more helpful is the fact that party planners can be consulted to make the task easy and pretty much affordable compared to the stress and money that could have been expended if one is to take full charge of the event.


Why should you have a Party?

Wedding anniversary parties are not necessarily organized by the couples as friends and loved ones might decide to throw a party to show how much love and honor they have for the marriage and the couple. Regardless of who is throwing a party, the primary goal is to celebrate the marriage reaching a milestone.

Ideas for Wedding Anniversary Parties

The first decision to make as regards such a party is the type of event you intend to have. This could either be a formal affair, or you could go for the informal party type that would usually come in form of a get-together with family members and friends. This forms the foundation for organizing the party as other issues like the venue and the number of people expected to be in attendance can be easily identified.

The theme of the party should also be considered and this would range from a family barbecue to a fiesta or just the traditional party theme. You might also decide on a theme based on a color or gift that symbolizes the milestone reached by the marriage.

For friends and other loved ones, having a surprise party for the couple is usually interesting and fun, but it can be challenging. It is however important to inform the invitees of the party being a surprise package to avoid them spilling the beams and ruining the party.

Wedding anniversaries are always fun and if organized properly, they will definitely remain memorable and appreciated by the couples and attendees.


Wedding Venues

January 9, 2016 by admin

Navigating wedding venues is not the easiest affair in the world. The task can be daunting, confusing, and bewildering – all at the same time. After all, there are many factors that come into play.

With that in perspective, here, we tell you everything you need to know about wedding venues in a comprehensive, but informative, manner.

Picking the right venue

You need not pick the most expensive venue you can afford to have an amazing wedding. However, what you should do is try to pick a location that makes you, and your partner, truly happy. Are you nature lovers? If so, why not go to Seychelles, or to the Caribbean, and spend some close time with nature? Do you fancy art and history? If that, perhaps Italy will make your wedding the most memorable! Is adventure in your blood? What about going to New Zealand and tying the knot for a change?


Decorating the venue

How you decorate your wedding venue depends a lot on your creativity. But, that should not be a matter of concern if you decide to hire a professional decorator. In fact, if your budget allows it, go ahead. In case you decide to get married in a beach, wild flowers and wooden showpieces may blend in well and showcase the offbeat vibe. If you resolve to enjoy everything the luxurious way inside a closed space, instead, then an intelligent mixture of classy lanterns and expensive fabrics should do the trick!

Budgeting like a pro

When it is time to count your money, it is important to take into account the little things. Do not just consider the hotel costs, or resort costs, and be done with your budget. Count your flight expenses, the cost of hiring a wedding planner, expenses associated with food, and all legal fees. If you do not budget well, your wedding may turn into a nightmare, instead of a dream.

Where to head next?

If you have not zeroed on a wedding venue yet, your mind is probably very confused. If so, the wedding spot searcher wedding venues may put an end to your sleepless nights. Developed in order to help couples find the perfect wedding location free of cost, the site is a real blessing for anyone wanting to get married in style. With more than 3500 wedding locations at your disposal, the site is sure to reveal to you your dream wedding destination.

Beautiful Weddings in Dominican Republic

January 1, 2016 by admin

Dominican Republic is quite famous for being blessed with the beautiful scenery which has made it one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world, with tourists coming from everywhere across the globe to get the beautiful feeling of Mother Nature. This place is not only famous for being a top vacation spot as its beautiful features have also ranked it as one of the places couples would love to have their destination weddings. From beach weddings to destination weddings, Dominican Republic hosts some of the most beautiful and fun places to have your wedding ceremony.


It is however worth noting that even with these beautiful cites, having a wedding in Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, or any other such location in Dominican Republic is not quite as easy as it might seem. This is particularly true for persons that are not very familiar with these destinations and would therefore require the service of wedding planners and not just any wedding planner, but a reliable and reputable destination wedding planner.

Weddings are special moments and should therefore be given the right attention. Thanks to wedding planners, all the worries that come with having a fun, beautiful and yet, affordable wedding ceremony can be possible. This is due to the fact that virtually every part of the wedding ceremony is adequately covered, leaving the couple with little or nothing to worry about except paying the required fees as agreed with the wedding planner.

A dream destination weddings in Dominican Republic such issues as travel arrangements, accommodation and wedding activities, venue consultation, selection and decoration, entertainment, food and beverage, and even the wedding videos and photography are properly covered if the right wedding planner is hired.

It is therefore advised that as you plan to make your dream destination wedding day a special and memorable, you choose Dominican Republic and hire a trusted and reliable wedding planner.

Going Informal: How to Celebrate Your Wedding in a Laid Back Style

November 26, 2015 by admin

Formality has its own elegance and charm, but in this era of smartphones and social media sites more and more brides are rejecting formality, in favor of something casual.

Rejecting formality gives you a lot of advantages, including the freedom to pick something from a mesmerizing collection of informal wedding dresses. If you believe that celebrating your wedding in an informal way is the right thing to do, this short but comprehensive guide will tell you how to pull it off.

Inviting your guests

How you invite your guests tells a lot about who you are and how your guests can expect the mood of the celebration to be. When your aim is to go informal and let the world know about the same, inviting your guests using classy engraved invitation cards may not be the best thing to do. Instead, you may want to use handmade papers, decorated with ribbons, textures, bright colors and echoed motifs. Also, it is important that your words on the cards carry the same message, too.


Picking the right spot

Informal weddings do not take place inside giant wedding halls. Instead, they happen quite unpretentiously on beaches, forests, picnic spots and other such locations. Depending on your personality, setting up a white tent on a beautiful beach may be the most appropriate thing to do; or, a ranch in a desert may work wonders. Just make sure that whatever spot you pick, you decorate it using wild flowers like daisies and sunflowers, and give the whole setting a spontaneous look.

Crafting the menu

Foods that call for a very structured wedding reception are generally a no. Instead of impressing your guests with the most elegant and classy of cuisines, try incorporating items like rustic bread loaves with sweet butter, grilled vegetables, smoked meats, and ripe raspberries. Anything that can be eaten using bare hands in an informal way is a fair game.


Dressing yourself up

The whole point of going informal is to allow yourself to dress how you want to dress. That is, you do not want to limit yourself to what is accepted traditionally. A strapless sundress complemented with a hat may be the perfect look for you. Or, your ideal dress may be a sheath that has columnar lines. There are plenty of websites that sell absolutely gorgeous informal wedding dresses, Ricca Sposa being one of the best.

Going informal does not mean that you throw away every element that makes a wedding a wedding. What it means, however, that you celebrate your big day in a way that does not suffocate you, or your guests.