Need to slim down, tighten, tone and firm for your big day?

Try a Body Applicator from It Works! Global These Body Wraps are an infused cloth that is saturated with a highly nutritious cream of extracts, herbs and botanicals. It is a detoxifying wrap that works to target the areas you choose in a 45-minute application. The Body Applicator will tighten, tone, and firm the skin where applied. Dimensions of the wrap are approximately 213 long and 113 wide at its widest point.

It comes pre-packaged and ready for use right out of the bag. Simply pick the area you want to get results in, place the applicator smoothly on your body and secure it in place for at least 45 minutes. A box of applicators is as low as $59 for a box of 4 as a loyal cutomer* or $99 as a retail customer! You can use one applicator every 72 hours or once a week. It is easy to use and can be done in the comfort of your own home in just 45 minutes!!!

Call me at 402-957-8934 and get started today or you can order your body applicators at Loyal Customers puchase 1 product each month for 3 consecutive months at Wholesale pricing. Thats just one product for 3 months in a row at 20-50% off retail price. After that you are welcome to cancel your auto-ship and come back whenever you want, and you are Loyal Customer for Life! You will always receive your product a wholesale cost forever!