Multicultural wedding

twowedThe day of the wedding is perhaps one of the most beautiful days of any individual’s life. It is for this reason; this day needs to be special, exotic and memorable. Who would not like to share this day with their near and dear ones? But there is one more thing which could be shared before the wedding day, and it is the wonderful journey which the couple has taken together till the day of the wedding. For a couple sharing the journey and connecting with all their loved ones is a beautiful way to convey their story, and for this they have made use of the online platform to invite all for their wedding. This is what twowed does.

twowed helps the couples from different cultures to come together and present their journey to the rest of the world. This online wedding website will bring out the story of two different people from different cultures namely English and Spanish coming together. This could be used for sending wedding invitations online as well as for gathering all the information related to their wedding. Even though it is a multicultural wedding, for the convenience of one and all the content is available in English as twowed provides for auto translation. The most amazing part of this online effort is that the story of the couple is presented wonderfully and it seems to be a perfect way to discover them and know more about them.

You could connect with the couple and also share their excitement of how they have taken this journey to the wedding. This website would also help to know all the details related to the wedding like the ceremony, reception and so on. This will help you to save the date and plan for the wedding well in advance. So you could find out all the details about this multicultural wedding on this website. Not only could you connect with them, but also congratulate them and wish them through this website. This website is just like a small, sweet and welcoming invitation to know the couple. For this couple who are from different cultures namely English and Spanish this is an amazing way to get connected to the world.

Apart from the words, if you want to know more about the couple, you could also browse through their album so that you could just get to know their stunning journey through visuals. Knowing about the bride and groom would help you to connect with them in a better manner. For all those who would be travelling to the venue for the first time, the details about it could also be obtained through this website. This website is just a superb effort from the couple who wish to share and connect with their loved people.

Every detail about the wedding ceremony like the date, time and of course the venue could be easily obtained from this wedding website and same is the case with the reception. Since twowed would provide form translation in Spanish, the information is presented in English. twowed has indeed provided a superb platform for the multi culture wedding to give out invitations online. It is a way to feel the wedding through the eyes of the couple before it actually takes place.

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