How to Make Your Wedding Favor Smell Fantastic?

WeddingFavorsWhen it comes to weddings and other similar celebrations, it’s often the small and seemingly simple touches that can make the most difference. Take wedding soap favors, or any other wedding favor ideas for that matter. These small gifts are given to guests at your event, as a small way of saying thank you for coming, and as a way of providing a memento of the actual occasion itself for that matter. Now, these gifts obviously don’t cost the earth, but they can really make a difference and can really help to put a smile on your guest’s faces as a result. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are just three to help get you started.

Wedding soap favors – The great thing about wedding soap favors is that if you do choose to provide them for your guests, then as they’re traditionally laid out on the table during the sit-down meal, the room which they’re located in will smell absolutely divine. Now, you can opt for a fancy soap from a store, or, and this is what most people do in these circumstances, you can create your own instead. Simply purchase a plain soap base, which can be found in stores and online, and then choose the scents and fragrances you want. Say you go for a lavender scented soap, simply add the soap base to a hot pan over the stove, and melt it until it turns to liquid. Next, add your seasonings, so perhaps some lavender flowers, some chamomile oil, and some lavender oil, and mix until it smells how you want it, and everything is distributed evenly. Next, take your moulds, which again can be easily purchased, and pour in the liquid soap mixture. Leave it to cool and set overnight, and then wrap it in pretty bows and packaging, and that’s it.

A jar of chutney or jam – Guests love edible wedding favors and for that reason, this is absolutely ideal. Now, you can cheat and purchase some readymade jam or chutney, or you can make your own, store it in pretty bottles, decorate with bows and ribbons, and provide your guests with the delicious treat on the day, maybe with a small pack of biscuits or crackers perhaps?

Personalised spoons – This is slightly more extravagant than other ideas, but so what, it’s a special day and there’s more to life than money, and if you can afford to, then what’s the problem? Simply purchase however many spoon you’ll require for your guests, take them to an engraver, provide them with a list of names of your wedding guests, and let him engrave the names of each and every one of your guests. The great thing about this is that the spoons can also act as a seating name, so that your guests will know exactly where they’re supposed to sit. The spoons will be functional as your guests get to use them to eat, and they will then be able to take them home, leaving them with their very own personalised piece of cutlery.